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Title: The Disability-Industrial Complex
Post by: Broken Brains on June 13, 2018, 11:20:08 pm
"Can you think of anything else thatís been bothering you and disabling you and preventing you from working?"

I would prefer not to, but, if you insist, I would prefer to study mathematics all day and stay awake as late into the night doing same rather than report to an employer.

I understand that the decision to be labeled as "emotionally unfit to work" means that I have also accepted that I will be "poor" (in Amerika) for the rest of my "blessed" life.

Yes, I do have concerns about homelessness and the chance of not having anywhere to store all my math books and notebooks and computers and calculators; but I feel that I am on to something, that the mathematics I am studying which has its roots from the ancients and has made it into my brain is quite literally true wealth, and that even if I am fated to be among the nation's "poor," in reality, I am in possession of something far more valuable than social status, financial security, or the pride that may come from not being dependent upon government assistance.

No, I humbly submit that I feel my decision to pursue this knowledge has been quite wise, and that I will become a vessel for brewing deep thoughts.  My mental life may have been greatly enhanced by the decision that I was not fit to live as a subservient worker to be motivated by praise and pay-raises.  No, my motivation had to come from attempting to get through a life not worth living.   Only then could I appreciate the value of this mathematics and the hours and years one might spend embracing the study without the pressure of practical responsibilities to some arbitrary employer who may have little concern for the development of my mental life.

I have to get by with what the government assists me with, and from what I can see, the states (in the United States) are shifting their welfare recipients to disability as it is a Federal Program.

Now, it is none of my business what reasons all the others on disability would give for having made this decision.  Perhaps they sensed that they would be among the nation's poor even if they did hold down a full-time job.  Maybe they got a sense that no matter how much education they received (on a formal level), no matter what degrees, they would still be hard pressed to find any really gainful employment.   Maybe they became suicidal or simply depressed enough to just not care anymore.

Who really knows?

I can only speak for myself, and, in my particular case, at least, even if I may be considered a "poor man" by all standards, and even if my future is not at all secure (financially), this idea of poverty is quite relative.  There may very well exist those in our society who are quite well-off financially who are intellectually impoverished. 

I have access to mathematics texts and computing technology which would have awed Kings and great ancient philosophers of the past.

So, let us speak clearly and coherently about this Industrial Complex.   I can't be the only individual experiencing such a life, where I am considered poor by all metrics, and I have no money to speak of, and yet I am in possession of a great inner wealth, an actual MENTAL LIFE, which is enhanced, by the way, particularly because I do not report to an employer.   By now, maybe what makes me most unfit for work is my passion and devotion to studying math, where I can finally go back, even as far back as high school level stuff, and really tale a much closer and serious look, giving each topic respect and attention with no concerns with ever having to become an actual "rocket scientist" who supposedly uses ideas like conic sections in their day to day job.

Me, all they ever did was hand me a bucket and a mop!   :D >:( ::) :-\

plateau (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXeIRNL-uic)

Many a hand has scaled the grand old face of the plateau
Some belonged to strangers, some to folks you know
Holy ghosts and talk show hosts are planted in the sand
To beautify the foothills, and shake the many hands

nothing on the top but a bucket and a mop
And an illustrated book about birds
See a lot up there but don't be scared
Who needs action when you (got) words

finished with the mop then you can stop
And look at what you've done
The plateau's clean, no dirt to be seen
And the work it was fun

nothing on the top but a bucket and a mop
And an illustrated book about birds
See a lot up there but don't be scared
Who needs action when you (got) words

Many a hands began to scan around for the next plateau
Some say it was Greenland, and some say Mexico
Others decided it was nowhere except for where they stood
But those were all just guesses, wouldn't help you if they could
Title: Re: The Disability-Industrial Complex
Post by: Holden on June 14, 2018, 04:10:36 am
You might want to check this out:

Title: Re: The Disability-Industrial Complex
Post by: Broken Brains on June 14, 2018, 09:55:58 am
Corporealfantasy.   Thanks.  Have you read The Devil's Work (http://corporealfantasy.com/wp-content/uploads/DevilsWork.pdf) which is linked to from that site?
Title: Re: The Disability-Industrial Complex
Post by: Broken Brains on June 15, 2018, 08:41:57 pm
Life is not OK.  Life has never been OK, and it never will be.

At least we have reached this point where we can face this truth.

We can only try not to become too depressed about it, and just maybe we might develop a brutally honest, perhaps even morbid, sense of humor about the ridiculous predicament we find ourselves in.

Take care Fellow-Sufferers.
Title: Turn Golf Courses into Low Cost Housing? (George Carlin)
Post by: Broken Brains on August 28, 2018, 01:23:56 am
Fuuck golf.   ;D

George Carlin on Homelessness (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdYWQ475aEE&pbjreload=10)