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Title: Birthday 51
Post by: raul on February 13, 2018, 04:58:37 am
I only wish you a quiet and calm 51.

Stay safe, take your vitamins and drive safely.
Title: Birthday 54 and The Great Tiredness
Post by: Gorticide :: Admin Elder Warrior Nuclear-Bum on February 11, 2021, 11:10:49 pm
birthday #54

Fort Worth Crash Leaves Six Dead in Massive Pileup (

Senor Raul, we are the same age.  Are we tired yet?  Do you feel the Great Tiredness ('s-personal-quest-for-mathematical-maturity/msg4145/#msg4145)?

Quote from: Hentrich
Do you make chicken soup?

I'm afraid this also only treats the symptoms.   Maybe only rest and sleep.

Life sure isn't pleasant.  I imagine you are feeling miserable.  There is nothing to do but sleep as much as you can and keep hydrated.

The Great Tiredness is every bit as good as death.  There was no color here, no pain, no emotional weather at all, just an occasional oddness that was the outside world trying to puff itself up into significance when, of course, the secret of the Great Tiredness, the truth of this realm, was that everything was arbitrary and meaningless.  In the Great Tiredness, the transition from sleep to wakefulness was often blurred.
– W.B. Spencer

Quote from: Colin Wilson
    Our problems are fundamentally psychological. They spring from the fact that the complexity of our society tends to create a defensive attitude in many people, the sort of acknowledgement of defeat that a schoolboy might feel on looking into a volume of higher mathematics. The result is a sense of diffidence, a loss of the feeling of being self-determined. This diffidence gnaws into the nervous energies. It narrows the individual’s conception of his own abilities and values.

While I directed the following to Holden in reference to studying Mathematics, I can say to you, Raul of Paraguay, that I appreciate your alternative News of the World reports.  Thank you for keeping us posted.   

Quote from: New Jersey to INDIA
I speak to you as an "older brother", not to discourage you from trying to find a career which involves mathematics, but to reassure you that your involvement with mathematics is not in any way dependent on commerce or earning a living.

While in living years I may represent a kind of "older brother" to you, culturally, as far as our roots go, India:Germany (via USA), you, Holden, also represent a kind of "older brother" to me.   :)

Title: Calm Day
Post by: raul on February 12, 2021, 04:40:39 am

I can only wish you on this day tranquility and peace if possible. Tomorrow will be different.

Drive safely.