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Title: MGTOW vs MRM:Dedicated to Herr Professor Doktor Schopenhauer
Post by: Holden on April 30, 2017, 11:53:29 am
Sometime back when I posted something about MGTOW you said you don't believe in fighting for men's right & I could not agree more with you.I am the least socially active person you are going to find.I just saw these articles today:


& God,I need to say a few things few things in this context:
MGTOW(Men Going Their Own Way) in NOT MRM(Men's Rights Movement). Now, someone who belongs to the MRM would say these two articles suck. That they show great institutional bias. Well, a MGTOW guy won't,in fact ,he won't even bother to shrug.
He just does not want to have anything to do with women.Period.Or the Corporate world for that matter.He would just say-WHY BOTHER!
I don't know much about the American women,but I must say that all the matrimonial sites should give their male user a warning :Marry at own risk.

Marriage here and especially to a local woman has high risk involved. The most important thing every man should know is every year more than 100 thousand people here get arrested for crime against woman that they never did!!
Here there are more than 50 women centric laws, most of them draconian and anti male. Innocent foreigners who come here dreaming of finding a perfect bride, suddenly find themselves facing a nightmare, being branded as criminal or worse still.

 Merely on verbal complaint of the wife, entire family of the groom, his relatives etc and whosoever the bride names in the police complaint are arrested. No thought is given to checking whether the person accused can really do any harm to the bride. (Even a two month new born had to be taken to police when named in  complaint). The law has become the weapon of choice for greedy girls who become bride just for making money from the groom. They demand huge amount to stop pursuing the case.

 Apart from pressurizing groom's family by getting them arrested Domestic Violence act is used by the brides for dual purpose. First rob groomís family of their own home and second to get monthly extortion money from groom. To do this the bride simply mentions in court that she does not have adequate monetary resources to survive and no place to live. (She hides her income as well as her share in her parental home and property). So relying on her testimony the court generally passes interim maintenance (husband to pay monthly amount to wife till the final court order) and also gives residence order that means the bride should be provided residence. Mostly this residence is the place where the bride last lived with the groom. In many cases the groom's family becomes homeless, as along with residence order the bride also gets protection order issued to keep the grooms family out of their own home.

Bride gets the groomís family arrested by giving a complaint to police that they had demanded dowry. Though, no demand may have been raised by groom's side. But the bride successfully shows all the gifts given by her family as dowry, just to create additional fear in mind of groom's family & to increase extortion amount.

Criminal breach of trust is used to show that the belongings of bride  were forcibly/illegally taken away by the groomís family. This creates one more excuse for the girl to get the groom's family arrested. To use this law, many brides take away their belongings like jewellery etc with them, but still claim that everything is still with the groom.

The family of groom is put under further pressure by filing multiple maintenance cases  plus additional maintenance as per various marriage laws specific to the religion of the couple .

The result is that the groomís family spends money on lawyer to fight their case. Loses money, loses time in attending cases purposely filed at place that is convenient for the bride, like nearby paternal home or office but not convenient for the groom. Plus pay maintenance to the wife who uses the same money to pay her lawyer and manage her expenses. One important thing to note here is that you will have to pay maintenance to the bride that helps her live the same standard of life before she ditched you. Believe me this amount at many times is very high.

If the groomís family still has faith left in the system the wife files further cases like :-

Unnatural intercourse:Lately I have seen a rise in usage of this section by criminal women to trap innocent husband.

Criminal intimidation

Intentionally causing grievous hurt

Attempt to murder

There are many more such sections that are filed as per the situation to make the groom pay the maximum amount.

Most of the grooms give up and fulfill the extortion demands of the bride at the instance of first arrest under any of the above laws. But if they resist extortion the bride files other cases in the list to break their hopes of getting justice.

This kind of criminal extortion by  brides have become popular due to the fact that such women rarely get punished even after being caught. In fact only 2% of cases stand in the court. But even after such high number of frivolous cases the court rarely punishes the law abusing woman. They just release groom from the charges. So risk being low and returns being high, large number of women have taken up this criminal mode of earning money.

The risk is very high for foreigners who come here for marriage, as they do not have time to do a thorough background check of the bride and her family. So such greedy girls look at them as easy target. Many of them are not aware that prenuptial agreements are not valid here. Even if they marry the girl abroad and divorce as well, the girl can still file cases on coming back to this place. So once that person returns to this place he gets arrested, sometimes arrest takes place even at the airport directly, before he can reach home or see his loved ones. This kind of incident puts tremendous pressure on the guy. Some men & their families even become suicidal. There are plenty of cases where entire family of the boy have committed suicide as they could not bear the hurt of fake cases that made them criminal for the society. Many times in online matrimony or when the boyís family lives far apart, they are even not able to verify about the current affair of the girl. Such girls when successful in trapping a rich guy into marriage trap continue their affairs even after marriage, as they have no legal risk. The  adultery law says that even if a woman is adulterous she canít be considered as abettor of the crime. A man trapped in marriage with adulterous is in worse situation among those suffering from biased laws.

Plus a new law is being proposed which may soon be passed by the government. Itís called Irretrievable breakdown of Marriage  law. As per the earlier draft of this law, a male getting married to a lady will be basically giving up his 50% property, assets to the woman the moment he signs the marriage document or completes the marriage ceremony. In addition to his assets and property even his parentís property that could be inherited by him also automatically becomes property of his wife irrespective of the fact whether he receives a single dime from it. If the law is passed than risk of marrying  will increase multiple times.

The modus operands is, the girls choose their victim from those who will find it difficult to check their background. They generally target men living far from their them especially men residing in foreign countries. The girls prefer matrimonial websites or other ads in newspaper etc to pick their prey, short listing from those living away and having good earning potential. But those who are dating Indian girl and plan to do a love marriage should not consider themselves to be out of danger. As some girls who are more confident use their charming behavior to make their chosen prey fall in love with them. They hide their criminal background and poor family values. They sweet talk unsuspecting men into their trap. During initial of meeting each otherís families and knowing each other, the girls family show very courteous and civilized behavior. When the girl gets married and reaches groomís home, especially foreign country. Then she starts to gather information about groom's sources of earnings, his assets, his parents assets etc. Then slowly her demands for jewellery, money for shopping and other expenses start to increase. Her behavior also becomes harsh. Efforts of groomís family to keep her happy go waste. These are the red flags indicating that the groom's family is in a marriage trap. The bride keeps on looking for excuses to avoid responsibility and pick up arguments. Than one fine day she leaves the matrimonial home and executes the final lap of her plan by filing complaint with the police. The family of groom is then looked down upon by the society as criminals. While she enters the government records as one more victim of crime against woman, thereby wrongly bloating the statistics too.

Since prevention is better than cure. It highly advisable to either avoid any  matrimony. Marry a woman at own risk.

Do I want to repeal all these laws ?NO. I just don't want to get entangled in all this mess.
I am do not belong to the Men's Rights Movement,but that does not mean I cannot see what's going on all around me.

I know you're smiling down on me from your very special heaven,Herr Professor Doktor Schopenhauer :D

Title: Disclaimer-MGTOW vs MRM:Dedicated to Herr Professor Doktor Schopenhauer
Post by: Holden on April 30, 2017, 01:49:52 pm
Disclaimer for Guests:

I'd like to tell that,if you are so inclined,please feel free to view me as a misogynist,sexist,regressive,reactionary ,culture appropriating straight man,that no woman would ever want a guy like me,that I'm probably a whiney man-child who's frightened of women & pees his pants when he comes within 5 feet of a real woman,that I live in my parents' basement surviving on a diet of nothing but crisps and soda ,that I am an idiot with no education who obviously has no idea what he is talking about. :-\
Title: Re: MGTOW vs MRM:Dedicated to Herr Professor Doktor Schopenhauer
Post by: The Creature on April 30, 2017, 04:31:58 pm
Thanks for the warnings Holden.  ;D

I'm not quite sure if I know what I'm talking about either.  And yet, there are not too many people I would actually trust.   At least you try to be honest and don't go out of your way to be politically correct.

I guess I ought to take this opportunity to remind any guests that,  the plain truth, I might as well admit it, is that I've never really been quite right in the head.

I don't know how people can keep up the farce of society.

If it makes you feel any better, Holden, I don't feel very bright at all most the time.

The thing is, maybe we do our best thinking when we are feeling stupid.  That way we are most careful.  We learn to "think against ourselves" knowing our brains to be not very miraculous instruments.
Title: Re: MGTOW vs MRM:Dedicated to Herr Professor Doktor Schopenhauer
Post by: Holden on May 01, 2017, 01:58:17 am

I must belabor the MGTOW idea of the dangers of even merely saying "Hi" or "G'Morning" to a woman.The man risks  being accused of sexual harassment, much less having recreational sex with her leaving a man open to post-sex r-a-p-e allegation .
Title: Re: MGTOW vs MRM:Dedicated to Herr Professor Doktor Schopenhauer
Post by: The Creature on May 01, 2017, 10:30:38 am
I no longer entertain any romantic notions whatsoever. 
Title: What's going on?
Post by: The Creature on May 20, 2021, 11:01:17 pm
Please enjoy the animations.  They may speak as loudly as the lyrics.

Holden,  I reflect upon the Fate of a female cousin of yours (S.T.) (http://whybother.freeboards.org/gortbusters/some-suicides/msg5197/#msg5197), and I suspect that your sympathy and compassion for her had been great.  I understand, for the most part, as noted in the original video in this thread, that the traits of a great majority of "women" in our modern industrialized societies feed the engines of consumerism, but it does not have to be this way.   





Title: nothing that is so, is so (a couple songs)
Post by: The Creature on June 19, 2021, 04:22:54 am
In the spirit of Cioran's thinking against oneself, I sometimes (or, oftentimes) enjoy challenging some of the labels and stereotypes the politically correct social justice warriors love to use in order to dismiss message boards such as this as "radicalized women haters."   Nothing that is so, is so.