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Title: Schopenhauer's Frankfort
Post by: Holden on April 21, 2017, 10:45:19 pm
Schopenhauer spent much of his time in Frankfort, a world where business owners and financiers ruthlessly competed against one another to amass fortunes, clerks chained to their desks toiled twelve hours a day, uneducated day laborers ground themselves down into faceless, mindless cogs of the urban wheel, and upper class ladies strolled the streets with parasols as they chattered incessantly over petty concerns - but, no matter what one's station in life - ruthless financial baron, toiling clerk, chattering lady or manual drudge - the monotonous hum of this bustling society gave few people encouragement or mental space to think independently or reflect philosophically. But no hustle and bustle for Schopenhauer . He kept  his distance from other people as if they were a colony of doltish lepers.
Title: Re: Schopenhauer's Frankfort
Post by: raul on April 22, 2017, 03:43:26 pm
Herr Holden, Disciple of the Great Arthur,
Perfect description by Arthur Schopenhauer. Times may have change but men and women have not. Endless nightmare. You this reminds me indirectly of what little I read about suicide. In ancient times, if a slave committed suicide,he was considered a thief because he "stole" a property from the owner. I don“t remember if it was Aristotle who said that one did not have the right to commit suicide because he or she was considered a property of the state. The Catholic priests said that you did not have the right to commit suicide because you belonged to God, and I must add to the the holy mother church. Indeed in the medieval times, a suicidal person was  considered work of the devil and deemed madness. Suicide frighten us because it does not come from nature and interrupts human time and this is linked to sex because women enjoying sex, were condemned, because it was believed they could give birth to a potential suicide or a baby with physical defects. In those times the suicidal was dismembered in the public square. Two centuries ago suicidals were buried with the mouth facing the dirt so that his/her sould could not go to heaven, or buried in a crossroad so that he/she could not know what road to take. I remember that until 30 years ago the suicidals could not be buried in a Catholic cemetery. Really strange, because after all Judas, the Jewish hero who betrayed Jesus, hanged himself Of course all these stupid conventions were applied to the poor because in the Rennaisance suicide was deemed honourable among the high class. Really not much has changed. Stay safe. Raśl 
Title: Re: Schopenhauer's Frankfort
Post by: Holden on April 24, 2017, 12:08:20 am
this is linked to sex because women enjoying sex, were condemned, because it was believed they could give birth to a potential suicide or a baby with physical defects.
-Senor Raul

Are you saying that some people believed that if a woman orgasms during intercourse & conceives as well, then,the resultant baby is more likely to be suicidal? So, women are supposed to conceive and yet remain orgasm- free?
Well, I believe you have opened a metaphysical can of worms ,mi querido Senor Raul :)

You see, these people who believed that may just have been partly right,yes indeed.They say the woman ought not to orgasm,& maybe we can see to it that she does not,but what about the man,the man orgasms always during the intercourse by the very definition.He does experience pleasure during it & yet the baby who is born pays for that few hours(minutes?) of pleasure with a life time of pain & suffering & humiliation.

The baby & the father maybe different at the phenomenal level but they are the same thing-in-itself at neumonal level.
Let's forget the woman in the equation for the moment-it can be said theoretically that she can conceive without orgasm.
Let's focus just on the man.When he orgasms what are his actions telling us? They say that existence as whole is okay.Nay,that existence is full of pleasure.And there in lies the trouble ,senor.The need for copulation arises because we feel some sort of "lack" ,a type of agitation in our loins-we see a woman with a heavy bosom &  hindquarters & a comely face & we are drawn towards her.

You said yourself in one of the other threads that people have sex to the point of utter exhaustion-well,they may think that it will bring them relief-but it the long term the devil asks for his pound of flesh. Some of these copulations will result in pregnancy & this wretched cycle of existence begins all over again.

Nietzsche,no doubt,would would taunt me .This is what he wrote about Mainlander in "The Gay Science":
"Would it be proper to count such dilettanti and old maids as the mawkish apostle of virginity, Mainlander, among the genuine Germans"?

Well,I accept those charges- I am a dilettanti & maybe an"old maid" too :D,I certainly am a mawkish apostle of virginity.
My point is that the pleasure one experiences during orgasm MUST NOT BE laughed away. We are dealing with perhaps the most serious topic there can be under the sun. I concede for some years I was in habit of looking at **** sites & flapping,but no more.

Look,this is what happens,when one does not experience the dopamine high of orgasm one become a better pessimist ,one ,finally gets to see,the naked face of the existence.One finally can see how ugly & disgusting and repulsive it all is.For a few weeks now, I am only concentrating on Schopenhauer's ideas,no **** ,no fapping & as little food as possible. I even sleep on a mattress on the floor of my room & I can tell you this:it has given me a great deal of peace of mind.

All men & women are manifestations of Will-to-Live(yes,women too,though the feminist magazine & Mills & Boon would have you believe that they are made of sugar & spice & everything nice ::)

Everyday in the office I get to see men & women ( and I underscore that fact that most of them are married already) flirting with each other blatantly. Please don't get me wrong ,I don't condemn it-let them go the whole hog,for all I care.
The problem is there is very little difference between animals & human beings. A sow has sex with many different pigs in a matter of days,that does not make the pigs jealous of each other.

No,to expect any kind of loyalty & sense of honour from any man or woman is a delusion too big,for me to miss.
My point is ,as Shaw once said, I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.
I want out,I don't want to play their games. No,I don't want to win at their games.I want out.Simple.

I have no interest left in sex,**** or even food. They can have it all. ;)

PS:Pink's wife cheats on him,what, he thought she would bear his children so that Britannia could rule again! :o