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Title: Intelligent Life On This Planet
Post by: Gorticide :: Admin Elder Warrior on April 24, 2016, 10:02:41 am
I have found myself using the Internet for spontaneously brain-storming.   I start with the search engine, of course, typing in something like "gullible people believe numerology and religion."

Then I see what kind of hits I get ( or

Sometimes, I find a gem in the comments section of an article.  Our planet is teeming with intelligent life, but, for whatever reason, you really have to fish and hunt to find something in the midst of the sheer vastness of the amount of garbage you have to wade through ...

After an article, Most People Will Believe Bullshiit Without Thinking Twice: 1 from a blog called "Playing the Devil's Advocate," I found a humble little gem that I wanted to put in my pocket (in my head, that is).

Quote from: stonerwitha

Also “military philosophy” like The Art of War—

to know the enemy assures 50% victory, to know oneself and the enemy 100%…

This stuff is really self-evident-society is not looking out for you, women will marry you then take everything in divorce court, the military will send you to die in some shiithole for oil and corporate profits….

Rationally, that leaves you to cut back on your own consumption, work as little as possible, keep yourself in good shape - physically and mentally. Be your own best friend….

BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND.   You know you are your own best friend when you prefer your own company to the company of others.  You become jealous of your time.

Have you ever heard of a Dr Abraham T. Kovoor?

Quote from: Prakash Arumugam
In recent years a new type of hoaxers have cropped up in India in the form of incarnations of one or other of numerous gods of the Hindu pantheon. Intelligent crooks of that country have found a new method of amassing wealth with the least effort. They get hold of a person who is clever at sleight-of-hand tricks, and brand him as an "avathar". A lot of ****-and-bull stories about the miraculous genesis and divine powers of the godmen are published in books and newspapers. Whenever this imitation of god appears in public, his agents offer him flowers and prostrate before him. As most gullibles have the habit of doing exactly as others do, the thousands of credulous spectators too prostrate before the miracle performing charlatan. Money pours in lakhs (one hundred thousands) to be shared by the juggler and his agents. It is indeed a tragedy that among these crafty god-makers are some of the highly qualified scientists of that country

Although the acts of these hoaxers are as criminal as those of robbers, cheats, smugglers, black marketeers, pickpockets and thieves, governments are reluctant to prosecute them because their practice is sanctioned by most religions. In a democracy where the majority of people are blind believers in religions, these hoaxers can carry on their trade of cheating with impunity: If legal action is to be taken against them, the first person to be prosecuted will be the Pope, the earthly representative of Christ, for cheating his gullible flock by making them believe that the wine they are given during the Holy Sacrament is blood of Christ. This is a fraud that can be proved by subjecting the Sacrament Wine to chemical test.

It was to convince the ignorant masses that there is absolutely no truth in the claims of these hoaxers that have been challenging them staking all I have to demonstrate their powers under fraud-proof conditions.

God forbids this or God forbids that.  There is no such God.  When I witness how much deceit and bullshiit there is in our societies, it's no wonder that I seek solace in working through mathematics exercises.  When I am able to understand how the solution is derived, I can trace through my work and each step and verify that no miracles have taken place.
Title: Re: Intelligent Life On This Planet
Post by: Holden on April 24, 2016, 02:18:39 pm
For weeks,months on end,I feel out of whack,in form of libgen you have given me a gift that keeps on giving.
There are days,weeks even when the WILL grabs my rationality by the collar & tosses it away with disdain.
So,when I am feeling down and out I go to libgen & read books.
Title: Re: Intelligent Life On This Planet
Post by: Gorticide :: Admin Elder Warrior on April 24, 2016, 05:45:51 pm
We'll get through this, Holden.  We're just passing through.

boss to prince (

Are you collecting literature?  Maybe you could let me know if you find something that you think could tear me away from the textbooks.  It might be good for me to take a break every now and then from the math.

Don't feel at all pressured to post here.  We have covered a lot of distance already.  I will make more entries in the Mind Shiftings Diaries.  ;)


Title: Re: Intelligent Life On This Planet
Post by: Holden on April 24, 2016, 09:18:13 pm
Some relatives had come over to my place for a few days to stay & they felt that I must entertain them,so I was a short of time.
But they left yesterday.Now,I will have plenty of time.And I would very much like to write to you everyday as I help me to deal with this messy existence greatly.