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Title: Breaking Out of Taker Prison
Post by: Broken Brains on July 14, 2014, 09:54:55 pm
Breaking Out of Taker Prison

Suppose you find yourself in a psychiatric ward. Authentic power allows you to rise above the role you are playing - to understand that the doctors, judges, and police may have become cruel and vulgar people, and that some of the inmates in that hospital may be rather evolved beings in comparison.  You might learn a great deal from them.

People ask me, "Do you work?"

If my work is scholarly or spiritual, or if my work does not put food on the table or cash in the bank, then it's "not REALLY work." I don't have a job, no --- Jobs are trouble for me because I lock horns with management. I know myself well enough by now. I am afraid I would get into serious trouble if I put myself in a position to be bullied - and I won't take it. It's best for society that I don't put myself into situations where I will cause much grief for the slave drivers and my fellow-slaves.

I got my degree in computer science from Rutgers University in New Jersey - that was in 2002.

A few weeks after the Bush League invaded Iraq in 2003, I took my car off the road, quit my job, applied for welfare, and allowed myself to become a broken machine ... In other words, I stopped restraining myself and just let myself go down the tubes.  No wonder jobs get outsourced to broken spirits around the globe. When one pool of labor gets too smart or "too big for its britches," the suits find a more whipped source of labor either by exporting the jobs or importing the people.  Entire populations living on bad faith, telling themselves they have no choice.

Writing and researching on the Internet has kept me busy for several years where I was able to get more of that kind of WORK done without the time consuming commitment to a JOB.

I guess I cut my own path.

"A vocation like ours is not a 9 to 5 thing, Simon. You can't put a fence around a man's soul. We think and feel when we think and feel. We are the servants of our muse and we toil where she commands."  - Henry Fool (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twoF56_e9mU)

I don't have much to lose if I speak my mind.

That's the irony: the less attached one is to the status quo, the more free one becomes. The more one has to lose, the more hoops there are to jump through, the more restrained and controlled one is.

Breaking out of prison can be risky --- some prisons are quite comfortable, after all.

It's not a crime to think about ways to escape.

You may escape from one section of Taker Prison only to find yourself in a deeper hole. Look at "welfare," social security (should be called social insecurity), or "the Dole:" still very much part of the system ... maybe even more so since one is subject to inspections and other standards.

They might make it intolerable for people so as to discourage people from using it. In the end, some of us have too much integrity to adapt to the work-force for too long. The ironic thing is that those with the least integrity thrive in the work force, and may even rise to positions of "authority" since they care so little about the people they crush into the ground. And then some have the chutzpah to question the integrity of those who refuse to respect the chain of command. 

Most people just put up with it for the stupid reason that "that's just the way it is" or they have seen people crash and burn without the security of "employment."

If more and more people thought like me ... yes, the entire social order would collapse tomorrow morning.
Title: Re: Breaking Out of Taker Prison
Post by: Broken Brains on July 15, 2014, 11:37:11 am
Then again ... maybe life itself is a penal colony.  There seems to be no way out.  Some days I just allow myself to sink into depression.  I lay down and stare at the ceiling.  I hide.
Title: Re: Breaking Out of Taker Prison
Post by: Holden on July 15, 2014, 01:20:02 pm
Here,I found this for you:
Title: Re: Breaking Out of Taker Prison
Post by: Broken Brains on July 15, 2014, 03:12:03 pm
Great stuff, Holden.  Now I have a reason to use youtube-dl,  It's a linux-based command-line program that down loads youtube videos.  When I make my move next month, I am planning on living disconnected, so I will grab this now and watch it several times.

As Blaze used to say, How long would authority ... exist, if not for the willingness of the masses to become soldiers, policemen, jailers, and hangmen?  and mental health technicians or whatever title someone is given to maintain the authority of the psychiatrist, the doctor-in-charge.  This is the kind of world we are in.  People who defer to authority and enforce whatever is ordered from above are given jobs on the funny farm plantation. 

It is about managing behavior and attitudes that someone doesn't like, and they call it treatment. 

Listen, in a psychiatric ward, in order to leave, you definitely cannot tell them that you find life is not worth living. Do you realize what an acting job one has to perform?  We are trained to tell the zoo-keepers what they want to hear.  Some poor suckers are far too honest with their genuine worldviews and philosophies ... and, as much as I encourage authenticity, I basically encourage knowing oneself and being comfortable with your true feelings and true thoughts, not necessarily to expose radical views while under the psychiatric microscope. 

They call "treatment centers" BEHAVIORAL OBSERVATION CENTERS.  When I am in one, I try to tell the more enthusiastically rebellious inmates/clients/patients/subjects that this is not the ideal place to fight the politics of the psychiatric police state.  You don't fight from a position of weakness. 

It's ok though ... the tribal impulse exists in nature, and people seem to form very tight bonds in these places because of a common enemy.  We witness what each of us is up against.  Of course, other patients/inmates are not really patients at all, but put there as spies ... they do it for a living.  I have no proof of this, and some will say I am just paranoid ... BUT

It is good that you are aware of these things.  This way, if you find yourself in the belly of the beast, you won't freak out.  You will stay calm and use your intelligence to get the **** out.

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Title: Re: Breaking Out of Taker Prison
Post by: Broken Brains on July 15, 2014, 06:38:04 pm
Similarities Between Work and Prison

Quote from: LeonardoWill (a guest at whywork.org)
In prison you are observed carefully by Guards ensuring you don't do anything inappropriate. Occasionally other prisoners may tip off the Guards about your behavior.

In the office, you are observed carefully by bosses ensuring you don't do anything inappropriate. Occasionally other workers may tip off the boss about your behavior.

At work if you don't like your job, you can leave it for another job. In prison if you don't like your cell, you can misbehave and move to another cell.

A prison is a 24-hour job, you can never leave it. An office is a 5 day a week job and you have weekends off.

The exception are prisoners on periodic detention who must check in one day a week and hang around in the detention centre for a few hours. When at work, you must check in 5 days a week and hang around in the office for at least 8 hours or 40 hours and more a week. Only the most severe periodic detention would require a 40 hour week.

A prison is typically cube shaped with very small windows. An office is typically cube shaped with large windows. You cannot climb out of either type of window.
Some offices have no windows while similarly prisoners are severely reprimanded by being put in an isolation cell. An isolation cell has no windows.

Work gives you a "decent salary" which typically is just enough money to pay all your expenses such as house mortgage, food, medical expenses and entertainment, leaving you a small amount, effectively pocket money, for savings. In prison all expenses are paid and you are given pocket money each week for savings.

In an office you are restricted to your desk surrounded by wall dividers, your world is effectively an area of 9 square metres. In western prisons, human rights organisations have prevented cells being as small as 9 square meters.

In the office you are required to think about one job and only one job. You do that same job 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, around 49 weeks a year. In prison, if you decide to work (which in some prisons is a privilege), you may choose completely different types of work from time to time.

Too much thinking is not encouraged unless accompanied by constant movement such as fingers on keyboard or writing to indicate you are working productively. In prison no one measures your productivity. You only work when you want to. Assuming you aren't part of a chain gain that is.

In some cases a prisoner may be restrained to live in their house and must never leave it. This is achieved by wearing a non-removable electronic device which will warn authorities if the wearer attempts to leave the "defined area". In an office the limiting electronic device isn't nearly as complicated. Its simply a clock. It restrains the worker from leaving the office for more than an hour (lunch) between the hours of 9am to 5pm.

In an office, fellow workers constantly watch your computer screen resulting in a self policing policy. Prisoners don't have computer screens.

In prison you know you are in prison and there's no hiding it. In the office you don't know you are in a prison, and a lot of people hide the fact.

Title: Lucid Madness (RE: Breaking Out of Taker Prison)
Post by: Broken Brains on October 16, 2014, 03:28:22 pm
Lucid Madness

What is “lucid madness” ?

“Lucid” means clear and transparent, easily understood.  I notice the word lucid has the same root as Lucifer.  When spelled with a lowercase 'l', the word 'lucifer' means a match that lights from friction.  Luciferous means “bringing illumination or insight” …

Whereas when spelled with an uppercase L, the word 'Lucifer' designates the chief rebel angel cast from heaven for the offense of not bowing down to an unworthy god.

While I prefer to read a book out loud, maybe because I like to hear my own voice and practice pronunciations of words, every so often I find myself speed reading.  When I speed read it is most likely because I have sensed I feel alienated from the author, but I still want to garnish some insight into a worldview which I do not share.  It's a compromise, I guess.  Rather than putting down the book for good, I speed read through it.   The book on angst, anxiety, and depression by psychiatrist Jeffery P. Kahn M.D. Is such a book.  Before I returned it, since I awoke at 3:30AM, I sped read through it.  Some of his insights were helpful even though I felt hostility every time I noticed he was addressing an audience that had access to expensive automobiles and Ivy League universities. 

I also have a built-in resistance and mistrust of clinical psychiatry itself, and I could tell that, while he most certainly had gathered a great deal of research on the dominance hierarchies of other social animals, he pays deference to the false hierarchies of gort society.  He continually refers to the DSM manual and clearly has bought hook, line, and sinker the practice of prescribing SSRI's to counteract the unpleasant anxieties caused by adapting to social hierarchies and pecking orders.

This author is writing to an audience that may be inclined to get plastic surgery or false teeth, an audience that fears a boss and is careful not to write anything too subversive on the Internet.  To be blunt, the author, if not a gort himself, is writing to a gort audience. 

An example of why I sense this “doctor” is focused on gort society is how he begins a paragraph with, “When we are among strangers at a business party ...” as though everyone of his intended readers is some ass-licking philistine who attends business parties and pays deference to the status quo!

I do not regret looking into his work, but my own instincts tell me loud and clear that this author has very little to offer someone who radically rejects the entire corporate mind f-ck.  As Holden has already suggested in another thread, the only people subjected to these corporate hierarchies are those suckers caught in the web of debt slavery (because they have bought into loans, mortgages, automobile dependency, and perhaps even spouses, children, in-law pressures, and everything else which puts them at the mercy of their bosses and these dominance hierarchies of false authority.

Some of us have no such fear of their bosses and thumb our noses up at the tyranny of public opinion.

Does the author ever consider the power of the refusnick who doesn't pay deference to these hierarchies?

Title: Re: Breaking Out of Taker Prison
Post by: Holden on October 16, 2014, 04:50:55 pm
perhaps even spouses, children, in-law pressures

I am pretty certain that marriage turns people into gorts.The kids,the in-laws..Jesus Christ.Mr H. I wonder if Earth is actually hell:

Economy (inflation/devalued currency/theft)
Tainted food and water (GMO/fluorides/other chemicals)
Tainted vaccines
Chemicals (toxic metals/bioengineering)
Mind control
Death creates profit (funerals)
Education = Workforce training
Pharmaceuticals = Treats symptoms not cause for profit
Technology = released incrementally for max profit
De-humanization through movies and TV
Corrupt media
Slave wages to produce the worlds electronic devices
Millions of people abusing drugs/alcohol to escape reality
Pyramid power/social structure (2000+ years and counting)
Assassinations (almost always good people)
Sex  (People screwing like rats)
Suppressed knowledge of past and present
Forced to work for money to live on a planet we were born on!
Controlled money supply (mega bank families)
Racism (divide and conquer)

I literally made this list off the top of my head in 15 minutes...obviously,we are not in heaven ;D

Not to mention we have to kill to eat and survive whether it be plants or animals. We currently live in a dualistic 3 dimensional reality in which we should all know by now that it is and always will be easier to NOT give a **** about anyone and lie/cheat/steal instead of earning an honest living and caring for others.
Everything is deliberately backwards and just plain wrong, evil and stupid on this earth. The way we have to kill to survive, nature is very cruel, life just seems too savage really. Could well be hell.

I am in a bad mood today,I was not being able to access internet for the last couple of days,I thought maybe the server is down, but just now I found out that a rat chewed up my broad band cable,its been scampering around a lot..while I study math-reminds me of the Dreams in the Witch House.What a life! I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy :(