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Title: Alternative News Report
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Alternative News Report
From Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page
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MistyG 🇺🇸🦅
Tracking Resignations:

New York City chief medical examiner, Dr Barbara Sampson is stepping down. She oversaw the autopsies of Eric Garner, Joan Rivers and Jeffrey Epstein

ABC News
Jeffrey Epstein's death ruled suicide by hanging, medical examiner says
Accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein's death in a Manhattan jail cell was ruled suicide by hanging, New York City's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has concluded.

From Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page
Forwarded from DavidNinoRodriguez
From Business Insider
The FAA accidentally disclosed more than 2,000 flight records associated with Jeffrey Epstein's private jets
Domestic flight records associated with Jeffrey Epstein's private jets, provided by the FAA, reveal more than 700 previously unknown flights.

From Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page

EU Official Warns Of 'Rolling Blackouts' As Energy Crisis Worsens
Europe's energy crisis is about to get a whole lot worse as the Northern Hemisphere winter is just weeks away. New risks are emerging across the continent that households and companies might have to scale back on power use or even plan for rolling blackouts.

There is no immediate fix to the energy crisis that comes from the supply side, with Russia's Gazprom, the largest supplier of natural gas to Europe, only pumping what it has. At the same time, EU stockpiles remain well below trend. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Mario Draghi said Italy's government is ready to combat soaring energy prices for households, according to Bloomberg.

Given the current energy supply system, a blackout cannot be ruled out" across Europe, Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti said, adding that "it's important to neutralize the impact of increased energy bills on households and companies in the fairest way possible."

From Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page
👇 it's been known that the graphene oxide in the vaccines are creating blood clots<>>>
Heart attacks>>nerve damage amongst other deadly issues.... But what's becoming clear is the how the graphene oxide is like razors in the blood cutting up the body and from the inside vein vessels, heart,. Brain and organs///

"Graphene hydroxide was found in all the vaccines studied. Graphene oxide form structures in the blood stream approximately 50 nm wide and 0.1 nm thick. They are very thin but very strong. They act like little razor blades in the blood stream that can cut the blood vessels. They do not decompose. Once in the bloodstream they will be there forever (short of the person getting a blood transfusion to remove them). Their effect on the blood vessels is cumulative. The longer they stay in the bloodstream, the more damage will be done to the blood vessels over time."

Getting the Vax is like playing Russian Roulette. The people who die immediately or soon after getting the vax are like victims of Russian Roulette. It is when the graphene oxide hits the blood vessel wall immediately that causes the death or collapses immediately after getting the vax.
Doctors performing autopsies on victims of the Vax are not going to find anything. These doctors are looking for something biological as the cause of death but the graphene hydroxide is not biological so it will not be visible in their tests.

There are pictures of coagulated blood coming out of the nose. People bleed to death from the inside.

Especially the top athletes who are dropping dead have fast flowing blood. The faster the blood flows, the more damage the razors will do.

As a chemist, if you inject this into the blood then you are a murderer.

The question to ask the vaccine makers and the politicians is this: WHY ARE THESE RAZOR BLADES INSIDE THE VACCINES? How can they justify them being inside the vaccines?
And now they want to force vaccinate children from age 5 with this horrible thing!
-Dr. Andreas Noack's-
On Saturday Dr. ANDREAS NOVAK was killed after he blew the whistle on the vaccines findings......

His wife blames DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS< ( which has been proven true in military and CIA operations<)///

Are they tracking whistleblowers through their phones and location.. And killing through military High Technology direct energy WEAPONS?////

From Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page
Dr. Andreas Noack Murdered by German Police?
The facts are not clear yet but it appears that Dr. Andreas Noack, left, was murdered Saturday by German Police who barged into his apartment while he was live streaming.This information has been met with a lot of skepticism and indifference which I find very

From Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page
Q post #11
30-Oct-2017 4:20:11 AM CET

Military Intelligence v FBI CIA NSA
No approval or congressional oversight
State Secrets upheld under SC
Who is the Commander and Chief of the military?  (answer TRUMP)
Under what article can the President impose MI take over investigations for the 3 letter agencies? (MILITARY OCCUPATION >11) What conditions must present itself? (FOREIGN INTERFERENCE/ELECTION INTERFERENCE/U.S. CAPTURED OPERATION OF ALL THE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT BY FOREIGN POWER) Why is this so VERY important? (WHEN THE DEEP STATE FALLS IN THE U S. TERRITORY.. THE WORLD DEEP STATE WILL COLLAPSE)  Who surrounds POTUS? They lost this very important power _ the one area of the govt not corrupt and directly serves POTUS.
OMICRON (OMI =ODIN /CRON= a Command to an operating system or server for a job to be Executed at a specified time.) = PROJECT ODIN: MILITARY SATS . Control of world wide grid>MSM , internet, TV, radio,/EBS

Q last post at >11:05:50
OMICRON> B (B is a note or KEY)  1.1.529
                                                             1 1. 5
Q post 11 > KEY (K=11 E=5  y=25)
              11                  11.  5



__________________________________________Q last post  time stamp
(11 means >MILITARY Operation
5:5 means >LOUD AND CLEAR)

Stay vigilant World Wide PATRIOTS

From Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page

The hub for the war in the east British General Ralph Wooddisse has told the British press about the plans. According to this, Great Britain will bring hundreds of tanks, armored vehicles and other military equipment to Sennelager near Paderborn. A hub is to be created there, i.e. a hub from which the military equipment can quickly be deployed against Russia if necessary. It is said quite openly in the British media that it is against Russia and about a possible war with Russia. One shouldn't be surprised that Russia is getting nervous because of the troop movements and statements by the NATO states. Great Britain, for example, sent 100 soldiers to the Polish-Belarusian border, ostensibly to keep the refugees out of Poland. This is confirmed by the reports from Belarus, which reports a growing concentration of NATO soldiers at its borders, and there is talk of field camps for tens of thousands of soldiers. In addition, the British have also provided a 600-man unit of their SAS special force, which can be relocated to Ukraine at any time.
Dec 1, 2021
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Wednesday that Washington had seen evidence Russia could be planning an invasion of Ukraine, and threatened Moscow with painful economic sanctions if it attacks.

"We're deeply concerned by evidence that Russia has made plans for significant aggressive moves against Ukraine. Plans include efforts to destabilise Ukraine from within as well as large-scale military operations," Mr Blinken said after a meeting of Nato foreign ministers in Latvia's capital Riga.

He accused Moscow of massing "tens of thousands of additional combat forces" near the border

From Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page
These are the Major Scare _EVENTS coming up
>Russia WAR (EU.U.S)

If RUSSIAN FORCES MOVE FIRST THEN CCP FORCES will move at the (near)same weeks/month time on Taiwan and divide U.S. forces. >Russian allegiance in the Middle East will move on countries that are backed by U.S and EU..>India china border will come into Battle,> Pakistan, Afghanistan forces will face off with Iran, Russia , China coming into the Battle,/// the middle east will erupt into Battle. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran Jordan. Will launch battalions against one another..

Almost all countries will STRIKE in the moments the U.S. forces are being divided into conflict<

With GOD WILLING may this WORLD WAR only be a SCARE _EVENT

and the Military of the 30 MAJOR Nations arrest the The Deep State in their own countries in these moments PLANNED....
The world is connected
The Plan to save the world

God Speed

From Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page
There will be LEAKS/DROPS in the GHISLAINE MAXWELL case
>>> But you must remember the JUDGE/PROSECUTION/WITNESSES/JURY are all heavily [INFILTRATED]

yet this MAXWELL case must go forward no matter the legal out come
/// It's important to know later on that the case was STAGED and the DEEP STATE/Obama/Clintons/ECT ECT ECT ECT all compromised the case in many ways ..

It's important the ELECTION Fraud & EXPOSURE continue no matter the legal outcome... The connections to Deep State, Soros/Obama/Clintons/CCP VATICAN/micro soft, ECT ECT ECT.. All compremised the ELECTION

It's important DURHAM Report and EXPOSURE of the Clintons, OBAMA, five eyes, VATICAN, Israel ECT ECT ECT .. That are connected to Russia gate and COLOUR REVOLUTION Coup against TRUMP be exposed and continue and how [they] all compremised together with WUHAN> COVID-19 to bring in the fix in the 2020 elections and bring in totalitarian world government through the CDC WHO WEF ECT ECT ECT...

These events ALL must continue.... Even if the cases FAIL<<


... In the END ... After the fires and martial law..,. And the SEEN >EXPOSURE< failure of the 3 BRANCHES of government>>>> when the MILITARY will step in (currently the Military courts are documenting all the failures of the 3 BRANCHES of government..... This will be used later in MILITARY TRIBUNALS AND WORLD MILITARY TRIBUNALS..... That's when the real exposure of EPSTEIN/MAXWELL/.> Election interference>COVID-19 creation will be held.)))).

.._________________ FAITH____
BE STRONG Patriots.....

While difficult, it is important to understand this must be done by the book.
The Military could not legally launch operations against U S. Citizens (deep state/CABAL u.s. Group citizens) till all FAILURES of the 3 BRANCHES of Government HAPPENING/HAPPENED and get EXPOSED..<<<<
Winter on fire

. Distracting away from the COVID plandemic >vaccines DEATHS/Election fraud>World wide **** elite ring (Epstein/MAXWELL)
that is connected to every country and Elites...>UN NATO<
From Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page
[They] are trying to get the black or going/////.....
If things don't go their [DS] plan .
Remember OBAMA created in INTERNET KILL SWITCH...

U.S. military also can take grid control or create INTERNET KILL SWITCH at WILL also...

>>Count down ⏰<<
Who pulls the SWITCH???

From New York Post
'Concerning' asteroid will break into Earth's orbit in a week: NASA
2021 could end with a huge close call. NASA has warned that a giant asteroid bigger than the Eiffel Tower will break into Earth's orbit in a week.

Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page
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RT News
❗️Storm Arwen Fallout: Internet & Phonelines Down for UK Sky Subscribers

Hundreds have reported issues with the service in the past couple of hours, with Sky confirming its engineers are working on fixing powerlines. (Downdetector)

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Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page
Forwarded from RT News

Ted Cruz calls Fauci the “most dangerous bureaucrat" in US history — WATCH

The Texas senator ripped into Dr. Anthony Fauci during an interview with FOX News’ Sean Hannity, after the NIAID head said he represented ‘science.’

"I don't think anyone has hurt science, has hurt the credibility of the CDC, has hurt the credibility of doctors more than Dr. Fauci," Cruz told the FOX host.

Cruz was of course referring to when Fauci had said criticism directed towards him, was actually criticism of science, because “I represent science,” he told CBS Monday.

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Military Arrests Biden Handler Mike Donilon
Michael Baxter
November 30, 2021

U.S. Marines on Saturday served a military arrest warrant on Deep State agent Mike Donilon, an American attorney and campaign consultant who served as a Senior Advisor to fake President Joe Biden. He was the chief strategist of Joe Biden’s 2020 criminal presidential campaign.

Before sunrise Saturday morning, Marines operating under the authority of MARSOC, JAG, and the OMC surrounded Donilon’s vacation home in Narragansett, Rhode Island, a seaside community of 15,000 souls, many of them tied to the Deep State hegemony.

The Marines found him asleep, in bed, with two half-empty bottles of liquor and a 9mm Beretta on a nightstand in arm’s reach. Hungover and barely able to speak, Donilon was taken into military custody without incident and transported to a processing center from where he will ultimately be sent to Guantanamo Bay.

Donilon is the second—that RRN knows of—Biden handler arrested in the last two weeks. On November 20 U.S. Marine Raiders from Camp Lejeune captured Anita Dunn, who, like Donilon, had been a driving force in the illigitimate administration’s plan to permanently lockdown and bankrupt American society.

A JAG source speaking under promise of anonymity told Real Raw News that the military had Donilon under surveillance for several weeks, but waited until he was alone and isolated before launching into action. A major problem with capturing Deep State assets, our source pointed out, is that they tend to congregate in large groups and surround themselves with the innocent.

“Donilon’s arrest took place days before he was going to meet with Biden’s economic team. We had tips that they planned to discuss how to once again lockdown the country over this Omicron thing. And evidence obtained at his home vindicated those tips,” our source said.

Among other incriminating evidence, Marines found in Donilon’s possession a handwritten proposal that detailed plans to spike inflation by another 6% over the next 6 months, a move that would certainly bankrupt persons and businesses already hit hard by the scamdemic.

“Discuss with [Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors Chairperson] Celia Rouse—the lower and middle class will realize we’re not really opening the SPR (presumably meaning strategic petroleum reserves) when fuel prices do not drop and continue to increase in cost. Within 3-6 months suspicions will arise, and we may need other angles…” part of his notes read.

Moreover, the documents referenced the myriad cargo ships sitting off the coast of California.

“We must do everything in our authority to prevent imported goods from reaching consumers. In this, we can use Omicron to our advantage,” it read.

Worse, his notes encouraged the COE to manufacture ways to levy additional taxes on domestic corn and wheat products, the nation’s biggest agricultural commodities.

“We expect to learn a lot more through information on his electronic devices. Donilon is a traitor to America and will finally have to answer for his crimes,” our source said.


Argentine Health Pass coming up, mandatory vaccination not compulsory “for now”
Monday, November 29th 2021 - 09:50 UTCFull article0 comments

Eight percent of Argentines aged 18 or older have not yet began their inoculation schemes
Argentina's Health Minister Carla Vizzotti has admitted a Health Pass was coming up effective Dec. 1 as new strains of the coronavirus were being detected in other continents. The new pass would be mandatory for higher risk activities, events involving large crowds and indoor gatherings for people aged 13 and over.

The official admitted Saturday in a radio interview the Government was still working on the details of the “Health Pass,” which were to be announced as soon as they were finalized.

Vizzotti also reckoned the idea was to speed up the vaccination processes with second and third doses, amid reports of outbreaks in Europe and new strains concerning the World Health Organization (WHO).

“We have decided to work on it since December so that we can stimulate and speed up vaccination in all its instances,” acknowledged Vizzotti, who pointed out 8% of Argentines aged 18 or older have not yet begun their inoculation schemes, while there were “around 7 million second doses in conditions to be applied” to people who never showed up for it.

“In addition, there is the challenge of the third doses and reinforcements,” Vizzotti further explained, as immunity wanes down with the passing of time and a drop in immunity could trigger further lockdowns.
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