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Title: Alternative News
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Alternative News

NOW - Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen collapses and requires CPR during Euro 2020 football match with Finland.
Denmark - Finland match in Copenhagen has been suspended, UEFA announces.

From Noticias Rafapal
Although the Inter from Milan (Italy) the team to which Eriksen belongs is denying that the Danish soccer player, collapsed, in the Euro football match would have been vaccinated, other information reports otherwise.
Legal Leaks (@LeaksLegal) tweeted: It has been confirmed that Danish international soccer star, #christianeriksen had the Pfizer jab 12 days ago on 31st May. Cardiologists believe Eriksen is likely to be suffering from heart inflammation post vaccination #Eriksen #vaccine #BreakingNews

From Noticias Rafapal
Yesterday at 10 pm The Storm Rider warned that explosions were going to be heard in the outskirts of Chicago because tunnels, used by the mafias that traffic in children, were being blown up.

From Noticias Rafapal
Hours later it was reported that explosions from underground had originated in the city of Indianapolis (200 kilometers from Chicago). According to The Storm Rider, both cities are connected by subway tunnels.

From (Q)The Storm Rider
You want to know about TUNNELS?
It's deeper & more vast than imagination/+ANTARCTICA Will blow your mind!! Humans & indoctrinated science only know about 5% of what's on Earth/They know nothing about Oceans nor Clas sified TUNNELS 400 miles deep
The missing

From (Q)The Storm Rider
Some people sent me these photos of Indianapolis today

From (Q)The Storm Rider
Nothing is random.
Everything has meaning.

From (Q)The Storm Rider
If your near these areas/Ops in progress under ground tunnels destruction in Indianapolis area & boys Town D.U.M.B//
Expect Aftershocks
Or fire/Strange smoke/
In the forest expect
Flooding near Boys Town D.U.M.B

From (Q)The Storm Rider
Putin ain't FU*KING AROUND!
Battles> front line in Ukraine
Several Areas/Ukrn Generals & Soldiers fear invasion/
_Opposition News Ukrn says they have been bombing & killing LPR Rebels & driving then back
+what i can tell you & been saying//RU ARMY MASSIVE MOVEMENT

From (Q)The Storm Rider
The SENATE are exposing Fauci. CDC .WUHAN gain of function. Facebook ZUCKERBERG. Twitter. [MSM] COVER UP, NIH WORLD HEALTH (GATES) ALL INVOLVED IN THE PLAN.DEMIC. Covid-19 being EXPOSED..
JUNE BOOMS Símbolo de colisión
Símbolo de colisión BOOM
_More MOABs incoming

Chief Counsel Robert David Steele, (former CIA agent) in 2018
International Tribunal for Natural Justice:

“I mean humanity is judged on how you treat the weakest member
of the society. Let me say that although peedophilia which says child love
has nothing to do with the abuse of children.

These children are not just kidnapped and in some cases bred by families
as a cash crop. We have people in the United States of America that breed
children in order to sell them and when they are sold they come without
birth certificates which means it´s easier to kill them and have no one ask
where they are.

We´re also importing children by the planeload again children who have no
documentation. It´s not just child slavery or child sex abuse; it´s also child
torture because you have adrenalized blood but you you have the whole
blood drinking ceremony of the Satanic world.

It´s also the use of children for harvesting body organs. We´ll have the Falung Gong testimony tomorrow. One of the reasons why Falung Gong are so popular is because they´re so healthy
So that you can harvest their body organs and get the very best and then you have
the ritual ceremonies and ritual murder as well as incidental murder.
From Dan Price
It´s not just that Jeff Bezos pays $0 in
taxes despite being worth $194 billion.

He pays his workers so little that
Thousands are on food stamps and

So actually YOUR tax dollars are going
to subsidize his workers´low pay,
which makes him richer.