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Title: Sex Canīt Wait
Post by: raul on July 15, 2020, 03:51:11 pm

Thank you for your words. It is good to hear that you are having your medication available. From time to time here the journalists tell us that India is the worldīs pharmacy. The Paraguayan government says that it is very expensive to buy medicines from India. I heard on a radio station that 5,000 wagons are used as isolation centers for the patients of COVID-19 in five states in India. They report 936,000 cases of COVID-19.

You have an advantage in being versed in the classics and intelligent to realize that marriage is part of the chain of chains. What Anna does to her husband by involving herself with another man and bringing a child is not unusual. I am sure millions of women do that in many parts of the world. As usual the victims are the babies being brought into this vale of tears.

We are in heat 24/7/365.  Yesterday a Paraguayan lawyer (45) in Hernandarias, a town on the border with Brazil, went to a motel with a 23-year-old girl. Minutes later he was aided by the firemen after suffering decompensation. He took **** before going to the motel. After being taken to the hospital he died there in the early hours on this Wednesday. I suppose he wanted to test his sexual prowess. He died of a stroke. The effort, I believe, was too much. 

Sex, sex, sex, we have sex even in the soup. This reminds of me of reading that in the U.S. a woman, Betty Dodson, suggested that the entire population of the planet should masturbate at midnight on December 31, 1999. I read that in the USA some secret groups order their future members to murder people in front of others members and to have sex with an underage girl, an elderly woman, and a corpse. It is part of the initiation.

Take care.