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Title: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on March 22, 2020, 11:51:42 am
He died as he lived, anxious.
Tiny Nietzsche
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on March 24, 2020, 02:19:47 pm
Today I saw a pretty girl.She has a cat and two kittens and the kittens had come to my house door. She came chasing her and started playing with them
She looked pretty.Her cat killed a pigeon after a few hours and put the dead bird at my door(Black Magic?)

The Prime Minister has declared curfew for the next 21 days and I barely managed to get supplies for the period.
Herr Hauser as a modern day prophet. Nature uses pretty girls to keep the world turning around.

This virus thing has intensified my anxieties.

Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: raul on March 25, 2020, 08:42:03 am

Thank you for your response. Yes, I read that PM Modi declared a lockdown for 21 days. I wonder how they are going to enforce that measure. India is not China.  Here the police and the military and the police are patrolling the streets and controlling vehicles mostly. There were more than 150 people arrested for violating the quarantine.

The Minister of the Interior said that they are going to enforce the lockdown through the use of the smartphones and drones. Well, Big Brother has always been with us and now he is going to increase his presence at all times. The main airport has closed the terminal except for cargo planes. One of the members of the cabinet went abroad and came back a few days before the measures. He skipped the quarantine. The government issued economic measures. In short people will carry the burden of this tragedy.

About Black Magic, I remember that something like that happened in our house 17 years ago. Someone left a dead bird. It means bad luck or tragedy, I heard.

Here the supermarkets owner or shareholders increased their prices. Business is business. Profit and speculation go hand in hand with greed. No solidarity, no empathy, but after all why should they feel empathy for the human cannon fodder?  The UN and the World Bank issued a report last year that a pandemic could come. Well, here they knew this could happen. The government was preparing the harvest.

Using your words this virus thing has intensified my anxieties also.

Stay safe and sound.
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on March 25, 2020, 09:44:23 am
To Senor Raul,

“All satisfaction, or what is commonly called happiness, is really and essentially always negative. The satisfaction or gratification can never be more than deliverance from a pain, from a want.“

Arthur Schopenhauer
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on March 25, 2020, 11:26:49 am
It’s not going to be okay
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on March 25, 2020, 07:23:56 pm
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on March 26, 2020, 01:46:40 am
Senor Raul,
Have you ever been to Spain?Spanish flu killed millions exactly a hundred years back.

Nothing cheers me up except philosophy and mathematics.Kafta wrote -I am literature.Well, I am partly philosophy and partly maths.

Are the churches and temples all empty.Are there any Hindu temples in Paraguay?I don't think so.

All the gods are just figment of the imagination.Satan ,on the other hand,is all too real.
I woke up at exactly 3 am today and I noticed that I had covered the window pane with the obituaries page of the newspaper.So, now one needs to fight two things at a time,I reckon, Corona virus and evil spirits.

All the shops are closed here and I am living off just rice and my TB meds are not available in the local pharmacies and I might soon run of my stock.

That's might be funny-to die of TB in the midst of Corona epidemic.
So, you are not venturing out of the house these days, I'd imagine.
Stay safe.
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on March 26, 2020, 04:03:12 am
Those who know they are nothing in life will not fear becoming nothing in death. - Schopenhauer
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on March 26, 2020, 04:04:48 am
I saw a tweet saying that for every person hoarding and depriving others of essentials, there are a thousand that are considerate and simply buy what is needed. I then saw the tweeter lived on planet Zook in a distant galaxy.
-Negative Philosophy
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on March 26, 2020, 04:06:24 am
Awakened to life out of the night of unconsciousness, the will finds itself an individual in an endless and boundless world, among innumerable individuals, all striving, suffering, and erring; and, as if through a troubled dream, it hurries back to unconsciousness. Schopenhauer
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on March 26, 2020, 06:49:20 am
There was a plot to turn Schopenhauer into an orphan and a cuckold.His mother had many lovers.He felt disgusted.His girlfriend in Italy cuckolded him right in front of Byron.Though he was paying for all her living expenses.

Many women would have had their eyes on Schopenhauers property.The idea would have been to first get married to him,take his property and then cuckold him.

May be Schopenhauer's father killed himself because he got sick of being cuckolded.

If Schopenhauer can be cuckolded then any man can be cuckolded.
Beware of gold diggers and they are all gold diggers.
All of them without exception.The sooner one realises this the better.

Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: raul on March 26, 2020, 06:53:10 am

Once again thank you for your response.  The feminism issue, in my view, will suffer the consequences. The world is no longer what it was. In reality it is going to be much much worse. Women and men too will never see themselves as farm animals programmed to breed/reproduce and keep the slaughterhouse going.

Here knowing that the virus was coming the government did nothing to stop the marches on March 8th, Women International Day. They stuck the social isolation issue up their assess. Now the 37 confirmed cases are only the 10th part of the problem. They are the tip of the iceberg. 3 deaths have been confirmed. It is possible that public transportation could be stopped completely because the bus drivers are also exposed to the infection.

The mass media does not want to tell us that the supermarket shareholders smuggle most of the basic products from Brazil and Argentina and sell them at a high price. As usual there is money to be made out of pain and despair and disease. This is the world we were brought into,

Your advice regarding the Coronavirus and the Venus virus will be much taken into account. In plain English the power of the pusssy is much stronger than all the known viruses.

Here Paraguayan women are always seen as virtuous heroines. There are many historical and economic factors involved. We have women in the police and in the military and in the state courts. I wonder if most of these women realize that they are in these institutions to protect the elite and not the common people.

Take care.   
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on March 26, 2020, 06:54:21 am
All the books Schopenhauer's mum ever wrote are gone just as he predicted.His books remain.Will always remain for the thinking minority.

I can imagine him in his Frankfurt appartment, thinking, writing.And spurning the greedy women away
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on March 26, 2020, 08:07:27 am
Senor Raul,

"The difference between slaves in Roman and Ottoman days and today's employees is that slaves did not need to flatter their boss." - Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on March 26, 2020, 09:40:45 am
Antonio Banderas will pay Melanie Griffith $65,000 a month; their divorce is final
Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith finalize their divorce.
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: raul on March 26, 2020, 03:21:24 pm

I hope you can get all the medication you need for your TB.

I would like to go to Spain. As you know the flu really started in the U.S. specifically in Kansas, but it was the Spanish press that reported this event because of the censorship. For the dark lords and their human minions the harvest was not enough because European, African, and Asian blood was already soaking the battlefields.

I don´t think there are Hindu temples here. I saw a picture on a digital newspaper where a Paraguayan Catholic priest was conducting Mass with the photos of most of his parishioners on the benches. The state telecommunications is warning people not to use Whatsapp and Internet too much.

The top businessmen in this country talk of solidarity now because they are afraid that their slaves will die in large quantities because our hospital systems are deficient. I am sure most children will be left orphaned. As months pass the economic pandemia will kill more people than the virus.

Indeed Satan is real considering the amount of evil we see every day.

I only go to the pharmacy and the supermarket where I buy few things. I see many with lots of money buying full shopping carts. The lockdown is until April 12 but special measures began this March 21 to 28. On the radio I heard that there are probably more cases because the Ministry of Health can do few tests.

The Minister of the Interior, Señor Acevedo, is asking for sacrifice, discipline, self–restraint in these times of tribulation. He praised the people for their endurange. What a demagogue! Shall we applaud and praise those who are to going to kill us? That is what we have been doing for millennia. Moloch, the god of the Canaanites, must be very happy to have received such offerings for such a long time. But in these times it is not children who are sacrificed but the elderly mostly. Last year the statue of this terrible god was being exhibited in Rome. Well, he must be feeling at ease there with so much suffering.

They are asking us to praise the doctors in the evening from the balconies. This is not socially correct. I may praise some nurses or doctors but not the bald Minister of Health.

Stay safe.
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: ... on March 26, 2020, 07:02:46 pm
Quote from: Raul
They are asking us to praise the doctors in the evening from the balconies. This is not socially correct. I may praise some nurses or doctors but not the bald Minister of Health.

We love Big Brother.
May we become intimate with thinking in the horizontal position as we sink and merge into the unconscious from where we were spawned, shaking off this universe like some kind of hyper-realistic nightmare.

Heroic slaves must be lionized, the unhealthy and "shy" must be demonized or otherwise degraded below the level of "tax paying" humanity. 

Economic fallout ---> mass suicides

Even the emperor has noted that there will be more deaths from economic fallout via suicide than the actual virus.  A natural disaster, the likes of Spanish influenza from 100 years ago.  It is possible that the USA has such high positives due to $$Supplies for testing$$.  Low counts reported is not necessarily a very accurate proof that the virus is not rampant.

Any sexually transmitted killer solve the riddle of existence for our species with great precision:  One either engaged in coitus to reproduce, and thereby risk certain death, or abstain and fall off the branch of biological evolution.

Now all our hyperbole about lentils turns out to have been more prophetic than in jest.

Each luxury once taken for granted embraced more appropriately.  If you ask me, I feel more alive the closer the Grim Reaper circles.  I suspect the rampant suicides will be symmetric with the ones a century back: mostly Wall Street gangsters who owe a great deal to one Devil or another (they are Legion, I imagine) ... the overwhelming psychic drain of that kind of DEBT.  Murder by Debt.

It would require much more psychic effort to dispel the intense suicidal ideations of a wealthy tycoon (and his harem of x-wives) when their Santa Clause Fantasy Lifestyle goes sinking into a swamp of giant cockroaches with lipstick than the existential despair of a man in want of rice and water. 

The human specimens in Jurassic Park are violently fond of their beef.  There will be mass withdrawal, especially at the blue-collar level ... the essential workers who depend upon being well-fed.  All the discipline in the world will not quell their anger should they become too hungry, too ill, too tired.

Then they defect to the ranks of the ill, the drain ... the weight.

No one is responsible for the smooth functioning of the machinery of society.

It is chaos, ordered chaos ...

Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on March 27, 2020, 08:41:18 am
Senor Raul
A lot of husbands are complaining that their wives are pregnant and are stressed due to the fear laced atmosphere and that this stress is not good for the baby.

That they might not get the top priority when the date of delivery comes around.
The Antinatalists, including Mr.Gary,have their hearts in the right place but they are deluded to believe that voluntary extinction could ever be a possibility.

Is there any difference in the Spanish that is spoken in Spain and the kind spoken in Paraguay?
Take care.
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on March 28, 2020, 12:59:56 am
   Cioran: “Words die: fragments, not having lived, cannot die either”
Title: Moloch from Cabiria
Post by: raul on March 28, 2020, 08:26:22 am

Thank you for your words. Paraguayan Spanish is a little different from the one spoken in Spain. There are many idioms, grammatical expressions, words that we do not use here. Apart from that we use Spanish mixed with Guarani words.

These husbands who are whining about delivery for their pregnant wives have no idea of what is coming to them. They say the stress is not good for the baby, well, this is a diabolical joke. The horror is yet to come for them. Their babies, here, there and everywhere, will be the cannon fodder. Again Moloch will be very fully satisfied.

I heard a Chilean researcher, Christian Contreras say, his source is the University of Hamburg, that in these two first months of 2020 the common flu killed 69,000 thousand globally, malaria killed 140,000 people, 153,000 suicides, 193,000 accidents, AIDS killed 240,000 people, cancer killed 1,200,000 people. And yet there is no panic or hysteria due to these numbers. We are being subjected to a careful campaign of murder by fear orchestrated by the mass media.Fear is a powerful weapon. Many say vaccination will be enforced after this event. The health industry will be in charge of all this.

I hope my exit is fast in order not to be able to witness the monkey sapiens madness.
Stay alert.
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on March 29, 2020, 02:30:04 am

To Senor Raul,
"I see men assassinated around me every day. I walk through rooms of the dead, streets of the dead, cities of the dead; men without eyes, men without voices; men with manufactured feelings and standard reactions; men with newspaper brains, television souls and high school ideas."
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on March 29, 2020, 04:59:03 am
Estragon: I can't go on like this.
Vladimir: That's what you think.
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on March 29, 2020, 05:09:17 am
Title: Bill Ryan - Project Camelot - The Anglo-Saxon Mission
Post by: raul on March 29, 2020, 04:47:52 pm

Thank you for your links. Below is video called Bill Ryan and The Anglo-Saxon Mission. You and the other readers of this blog may find his words very interesting.

Stay safe.
Title: Re: To My Paraguayan Friend
Post by: Holden on March 31, 2020, 07:33:20 am
Senor Raul,
Thanks for the video.I am afraid of diseases.They take aways every ounce of strength one possesses.
The city has turned into a ghost town.There are crows everywhere.The catholic priests in Paraguay,who pays them the living allowance.Maybe the Vatican.

I feel a lot of jitters.What a nightmare.How do we feed 7 billion people.Everyone wants to eat,wants to drink.

Do you think hidden covens made of witches exist in Paraguay?And maybe old haunted churches too.
The city/town where you live,is there a haunted site there?

How are your eyes and are you getting treatment for them.

When I was in the hospital some months back I did not like it at all.I was just like a machine which had broken down due to over exertion.

Take care Senor Raul.
Title: The Economist Cover Front April 2020
Post by: raul on March 31, 2020, 10:13:09 am

Thank you for your response. I am also afraid of diseases. My sinusitis has become a problem too apart from diabetes and high blood pressure. Right now I cannot go to the hospital for my appointment with the ophtalmologist because the priority is the virus.

Here the government has decreed the curfew until April 12. Also the Minister of the Interior has decreed that nobody will leave or enter the capital, specially, for Holy Week because most people go to the interior of the country to spend their time with their families. This is clearly a reinforced kidnapping. But what is the difference? Now we are more prisoners than before.

Catholic chaplains and evangelical pastors in the army are being paid by the state. The Catholic Church has Cáritas, a radio station, which competes with regular radio stations. They get donations and contributions apart from the tithes and money for the baptisms. We have also the Catholic university and secondary schools that charge fees.

It is possible that in old churches and abandoned places witches may have their covens. Here in the city you can see people who deal with tarot cards, selling love potions or love bewitchings or luck in marriage or jobs or the future. Maybe some of them deal with darkest work, so to speak. 

About the video, the issue, as they say in American English, you can take it or leave it.I have heard in Spanish much about what is happening behind the scenes.

I heard that this actor Tom Hanks, Ophra Winfrey and Ellen De Generes, and other celebrities in Hollywood, were or have been or will be arrested by the authorities and confined to a military prison, probably Guantanamo. This includes other prominent figures such as Barack Obama and Joseph Biden, etc. Obama and others may face a short trial and execution.

Hanks was already accused of sexual abused by another actor called Isaac Kappy. This man later died in strange circumstances. Hanks took part in sexual abuse and used a powerful drug called adenochrome, a sort of hormone to prevent aging, taken from kidnapped babies and subjected to inmense terror which makes the drug very powerful, and he is not the only one. I heard that all these arrests are part of plans to destroy the blackhats, so they say. The blackhats are the dark powers.

Also after many years this famous singer Bob Dylan published a new song, A Murder Most Foul, mocking the death of former president JFK. Some say this is a warning to Donald Duck. Also the Federal Reserve will be demolished and the gold will become standard. Also Pope Francis is on the side of the sionists. In time they will deal with him also. Of course, as I said, take it or leave it. You hear all kinds of stories.

If you can please look at the front cover of the Economist magazine April 2020. The title is Everything´s under control. The picture is really funny. That is exactly how millions are being treated. Treated like mascots or pets. I read that the Economist belongs to the Rothschild family.

Stay safe.
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on April 03, 2020, 03:26:35 pm
Senor Raul

The animal ,driven by instincts, might have first learnt to think while undergoing intense torture.Its first thought might have been the wish to not exist any  longer.

Take care.
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: raul on April 03, 2020, 05:19:57 pm

Thank you for your words. What else can I add? I wish to exist no longer but in order to do that I have to drink cyanide, cut my writs with my Gillette razor blades or shoot a bullet into my head. Right now that is what I want. To exist no longer. Certainly the Paraguayan government is determined to kill us or at least most of us with their measures. They mask their bad intentions with supposedly humane actions. Here many people are getting tired of this curfew and many are violating it and leaving for the interior of the country. The government has started buying body bags. So they know what is coming. I may end up being inserted in one of them.

We, humans,have been engineered to be the cattle of someone else. Is this planet one big prison farm? I think it is, but who or what and where are the farmers? Were our fates laid out for us long before we, Homo sapiens, even came into existence? And what is the fate of those who call this prison farm their home today?

One can see the cows in the fields who munch on their grass—that is, until their hour comes when they are dispatched to the slaughterhouse. They, just like us, are are not capable of understanding what fate just might have in store for them.

Once again take care.
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: ... on April 03, 2020, 06:07:05 pm
Quote from: Raul
We, humans,have been engineered to be the cattle of someone else. Is this planet one big prison farm? I think it is, but who or what and where are the farmers?

Yes, who are the ZooKeeprs, the Jailers, the Wardens?   Who benefits from having a surplus of superflous human cattle?

I have appreciated our correspondence.  Please know that I also very much want out of this species.  I no longer wish to be dependent on air, water, food, shelter.  I am so very tired of the Talking Heads on the media saying what they are told to say, reading their scripts, keeping up the farce.

There are so few intellectually honest people in this world.  This message board grants me som relief, for here we can write our truth without being silenced, criminalized ...

My fellow prisoners in the grocery store ... I witness how pathetic we all are, and I have contempt for all - even for myself.   Yes, we are cattle, sheep ... and for what?   Why do so many cling to this thing we call life?
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: raul on April 04, 2020, 03:08:20 pm

Thank you for your words. The government has tightened the measures until April 12. The Minister of the Interior even said that alcoholic beverages delivery will not be allowed after 23:00 pm. After this date we do not know what will happen. An epidemiologist said that probably between 30 and 60 percent will be infected by the bug.

The Paraguayan population is 7 million inhabitants. So it is expected that more than 2 million will be infected. And this is the most optimistic estimate. The death toll, in my view, will be thousands specially in the capital and central department. The authorities insist that they want to save lives. In reality they will postpone our deaths.

I see the police and the military enforcing the measures. This is a strange combination. They are our jailers and prisoners at the same time. However at any time they can pull the trigger. I heard one army officer talking to a security guard in a supermarket. He said that they are all very nervous. They too will suffer the consequences. We are seeing the deliberate destruction of the economic system around the world.

The doctors and nurses here have few resources to cope with what is coming. In the end as you say they will burn out.

Your question: “Why do so many fail to see the connection between the womb and the grave?” In Catholic
countries mostly women are seen as exemplary and virtuous heroines. Again this lockdown will bring many babies. Couples will be doing what they have done since fire was brought to this world.

I remember someone quoting this author, Charles Hoy Fort, who suggested in a dark way that we, the human species, are “animals here for the slaughter and incapable of seeing the greater and more terrible meanings that surround us.”

Take care and take a nap.
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: raul on April 04, 2020, 05:10:41 pm

I heard that there are phone service outages in Canada. Probably there will be problems with Internet. I wonder if this is going to affect the USA.

Once again stay safe.
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: ... on April 04, 2020, 05:52:47 pm
Anything can happen.  We may have to resort to Letters by Snail Mail.  With the private message, members of this board might exchange addresses or PO Box, then, should a New Dark Age settle in, at least our correspondence might continue  …  different medium, say a makeshift MAGAZINE of only 15 pages thick … once every passing season until we're all grass upon the hills.

It would be a way to keep our sanity during such a challenge to what we have become accustomed to.

I had lived years without Internet, and even without access to computers; but now I would feel it more acutely as the operating systems have been so dependent upon Internet access to build itself and maintain the entire system.

I would have plenty to tinker with, but I know myself - and I have a thin threshold before I panic and become filled with anxiety and terror.  I try to nurture a sense of humor, joking that, from the looks of my rotten-toothed grin, my skeleton is already dead, and possibly wrapped in tar. 

The flesh, blood, bones, brain, etc. are on overtime --- my bones have no fear of death … only the flesh fears what it has been programmed to fear by the gnosis stored in all the nonhuman dimensions of organic life.

I feel close to "my" bones, or --- recognizing I am this vulnerable unit of human cattle in an Animal Farm Run Amuck, while there is a mythological "law and order," enforced by the silent majority, in reality, as a global phenomenon, nothing but entropy, chaos …

Trust me, when I write, there is an inner animal nonhuman part of me that is Will (emotion, feeling) which reserves the right to contradict everything proposed by the Intellect which refers to itself as I, the Subject.

Holden had once put forth the suggestion to do away with the Subject, and simply observe one's own personal existence with a detached indifference, more as a RECORDING than an EXPERIENCE.

I think this zooms in on the true riddle of existence, in the Upanishads, was there Brahman and Atman.  I don't know.  No se.
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on April 08, 2020, 05:28:41 pm
Senor Raul,
Thank you for your advise in the other thread. I wish to share the following with you as I think it is right up you alley-

Take care and stay away from Corona.
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on April 09, 2020, 10:04:56 am
Most men are afraid to wake up because their life revolves around pleasing women and others. Take that away and they are nothing! Just an empty biological machine with no function. Mainly the reason for the high male suicide rates.
-London Mgtow
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: raul on April 09, 2020, 02:37:35 pm

Thank you for the link and the quote. I read the interesting article.  What happened to these Russian students in the Dyatlov Pass will never be found out. I could be wrong though.

At the end of the article the writer says that “conspiracies help unite powerless people against an imagined “other”. Something or someone killed these young people in 1959. History is rich with conspiracies. The CCP virus and economic destruction is one example.

Walk carefully.

P.S.  Words by Philosopher Diogenes of Sinope:

Someone said that Diogenes was out of his mind.* ‘It’s not that I’m out of my mind,’ he replied. ‘It’s that I don’t have the same mind as you.’
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Holden on April 10, 2020, 02:22:38 am
For Senor Raul,
When you tell a blue pill brother that marriage is a big risk. He says : “just get a prenup bro”.

That’s not how it works buddy. All the women had to say is,”he made me sign it”(even with no evidence).

Then next thing you know, you’re taken to the cleaners! LOL
-London Mgtow.
Title: Re: To Senor Raul
Post by: Ibra on July 15, 2020, 03:30:12 am
This man literally had gone his own way. tragic but hilarious nonetheless  ;D (

I liked how he got the resolve in 3 seconds and that he had enough. Humans are dull but this rare incident is a morbidly funny.

on the other hand, a wave of feminism is hitting the middle-east hard these days. the social media and Netflix are doing there intended effect. the silver lining is many guys have started to opt-out.

as you mentioned many times, I try to detach from emotions that plague me and try to observe them objectively as a third-party.

I think the situation is same in India. please  stay away from the masses and tend to you health.
Title: To Mr.Ibra
Post by: Holden on July 17, 2020, 07:28:06 am


Thank you for your message.I think India and most the the middle east is somewhat culturally similar because we also have a large muslim population. I read in the news that in Saudi Arabia women are being allowed a lot of things which were not conceivable even a few years back.

To tell you the truth,women have always possessed a great deal of power in all the past societies and I don't not think things would change drastically.People like us would always be in a very small minority.
The Silent Majority is Gortish.
Women seem to want all the rights and none of the responsibilities. Mrs.Bovary is a classic case.She gets married to a hard working country doctor. He makes sure that she is very comfortable and is completely devoted to her.
She finds him boring and takes many lovers. She also spends all his earnings in shopping for useless things to the extent that in the end he is bankrupt.

Women are crafty,very crafty.Shrewd.

Take care.