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Posted by: raul
« on: June 03, 2021, 05:51:57 pm »

Alternative News

From Agents of Truth
I have certain rules I live by.
My first rule:
I don´t believe anything
the government tells me.
(George) Carlin

From Katrina Kameron
Ok so we now know Fauci makes viruses to kill ppl. Why would Anyone take vaccines Also formulated by Fauci? He put poison in those vaccines also. Dont touch anything Fauci made. Mother Theresa's son. Who will be the First Arrest?

From Katrina Kameron
His colleague Dr. Brix was already arrested. Now Fauci will be arrested...First arrest will shock the world. I think its Fauci and not Obama as ppl were thinking.

From Katrina Kameron
30 may.
the world elite needed a strong communist country to do all their illegal work, so they made China where its govt is very strict, censor, suppress any opposition or question any illegal activity. Nobody would look under the dam right?

From Dismantling the Cabal
Is this true 👇😬
Jackie Chan's mother was a drug smuggler and his father was a spy. In fact, his parents met when his father arrested his mother for smuggling opium.

From Wikipdia-Jackie Chan

The babies paying the price of cultural tradition: It's estimated that more than half of Pakistani-heritage couples in Britain are in cousin marriages. Now community leaders are confronting the troubling medical risks, writes SUE REID

Florida: Runaway chidren aged 12 and 14, use AK-47 in shootout with sheriff´s deputies
More than 200 rounds of ammunition and three firearms were inside the property the children broke into.

Forwarded from
New Earth Project
 James Wallerstedt
Deep State Planning False Flag Attack to blame Anti-vaxxers and Gun Owners

Mike Adams just published an article with the title above, saying he recently took down an article calling for prosecution of Corona Crimes perps, warned of the possibility could be taken offline as our planet's main multi-d criminal network grows increasingly desperate to pull off their Prison Planet Hunger Games plan despite an ongoing awakening process.
excerpt -

The vaccine push is going through five phases. We are right now in phase 3 -

Phase 1: Vaccinate the easy people who can't wait to get the shot.
Phase 2: Offer incentives and rewards to convince those on the fence.
Phase 3: Punish those who refuse to get vaccinated by taking away their rights.
Phase 4: Criminalize vaccine resisters by passing mandatory vaccine laws.
Phase 5: Launch door-to-door vaccine squads to forcibly vaccinate people at gunpoint.

We are living in End Times. The human species is now fully invested in its own destruction. It seems that the rest of us need to now focus on prepping for the global collapse that’s sure to follow. We are wasting time trying to save those who have committed to their own destruction. Instead, we should be sharing information about survival, food self-reliance, community strengthening, local communications and the like.

So that’s what I’m going to do as well. I’ve probably fettered away too much time already on people who prefer to commit vaccine suicide. If they no longer have the willingness to investigate the truth before they inject themselves with unproven, risky medical experiments, then what business do we have trying to save them from themselves?

From CBK
China has another “variant” of the virus.
This time they say it came from chickens.
Now we understand why a couple weeks ago the CDC issued the BIZARRE advice not to kiss chickens.
What does the CDC know about the origins of China’s bioweapons?

From the
920 Women Lose Their Unborn Babies After Getting Vaccinated
More in:

From CBK
JUST IN - Dr. Fauci’s upcoming book "Expect the Unexpected" appears to be scrubbed from Amazon, Barnes & Noble in the aftermath of the email backlash.

From (Q)The Storm Rider
They had planned for July attacks 2021 .. Cyber War Games ( Exercises [they] say)
Truth is.. Isn't not A game they play
.. It's on/)/
WHF works through 80 COUNTRIES
& Is Same corp. as WHO & GPMB(WORLD BANK)
Getting ready

From (Q)The Storm Rider
[They] said was till July
they started 2 months earlier//
MAJOR Attacks happening world wide
World health forum works out of 80 COUNTRIES..
>>I believe ANON's are being attacked and will ramp up
+Summer of fire

From (Q)The Storm Rider
Somethings up????
Trump's Facebook is active
Day of games

From  (Q)The Storm Rider
[DS] playbook
Send>Soros_Obama, HRC=Colour Revolution/into good counties, create strikes, race WAR.S. Antifa. RIOTS// HAOS.>then> call in UN for help>Then UN rapes the country >resources/Installs [DS] gov.>Takes money> tax them> steal Woman & children
UN=Lucifer trust foundation

From  (Q)The Storm Rider
Did LiN WOOD post that false info on purpose? Cause he knows the media is going to bury him tomorrow
_45 closed Blog today/+ DS indictment
_Flynn attacked>MSM for Co.up talk
_jenna Ellis turns
+Now WOOD joins these strange events happening
They got something cooking