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Why Bother? / Re: A Question for Herr Hauser and Senor Raul
« Last post by Holden on Today at 06:12:56 am »
“Life is like a movie, if you've sat through more than half of it and it’s sucked every second so far, it probably isn't going to get great right at the end and make it all worthwhile. None should blame you for walking out early.”

- Doug Stanhope
Why Bother? / Alternative News
« Last post by raul on July 27, 2021, 05:10:24 pm »
Alternative News

Military Executes Tom Hanks
By Michael Baxter -July 27, 202124337

Actor Tom Hanks has left the earth, put to death by a military tribunal that found him guilty of pedophilia and child endangerment.

On June 12, the U.S. military apprehended Hanks after a plane he had chartered in Greece, where he holds dual citizenship, landed at Malpensa Airport in Milan, Italy, where Hanks had been scheduled to attend a foreign film festival.

U.S. military sources told RRN that members of the 173rd Airborne Combat Brigade and INTERPOL were awaiting Hanks’ arrival when the Learjet 75 reached the airport apron. Weapons drawn, they boarded the plane and found Hanks seated beside longtime friend Peter Scolari, who in 1980 starred alongside Hanks in the TV sitcom Bosom Buddies, in which the duo portrayed transvestites living in an all-female college dormitory. Hanks would later say it was his favorite role, and that wearing women’s clothes made him feel more manly.

The military released Scolari but shackled and promptly ushered Hanks aboard a waiting C-130, which had to be refueled twice inflight to reach Diego Garcia, where the Office of Military Commissions has built a penitentiary near its B2 bomber base.  Upon landing, Hanks was placed in a holding cell to await his military tribunal.

Ten days later, Hanks had his day in court, with the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps presenting proof connecting Hanks to a child trafficking ring that, the military alleged, had worked in the shadows for 30 years. It presented into evidence many electronic devices—laptops and cellphones—that held photographs and videos of Hanks engaged in sexual intercourse with male children who were obviously below the age of consent.

Other videos showed Hanks involved in adrenochrome parties, gatherings at which the liberal elite and Hollywood A-listers comingle and inject into themselves an ungodly chemical compound made of oxidized adrenaline, which is extracted from frightened and tortured children, and synthetic opiates. Those who partake in the luciferian ritual believe the compound prevents illness, extends life, and enhances sexual prowess.

One video showed Hanks and songstress Lady GaGa injecting each other while an unseen child’s screams, the wailing sound of death, echoed in the background.

The military’s case was built on 50 video clips and 2,000 images, sources told RRN.

The 3-officer panel, however, found the content so disturbing that it reached a verdict of guilty after watching four snippets.

Hanks, when asked if he had anything to say in his defense, showed no remorse for his crimes and told the tribunal that adult-child intercourse was “natural” and that he proudly supported NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association, a pedophilia and pederasty advocacy organization in the United States.

The tribunal declared Hanks receive capital punishment and asked that his sentence be carried out expeditiously.

“My death won’t stop anything; we are everywhere,” Hanks said.

Three days later, Hanks received an injection other than adrenochrome. He was strapped to a gurney and had pancuronium bromide, potassium chloride, and midazolam injected into his veins. If any adrenochrome remained in his blood, it wasn’t potent enough to protect him against lethal injection.

From Ginger
Thank you to Sean, extraordinaire! 😁😁⬇️
Hey Evelyn... some amazing news outta Citibank! My guy in finance saw new atm machines being put in place. Asked his acct manager.
And he said they are for the new USTN 🔥 Looks like weeks away.
[Thanks Seanie 😁]
The old USD will be phased out. New currency, backed by gold/assets incoming.
Called USN - United States Notes.
USTN means UNITED STATES Treasury Notes

From Noticias Rafapal
Explosion in a Bayer chemical facility in Leverkusen. Neighbors report that it felt “like an earthquake” . ¿Will the battle against Big Pharma have started?

From aurax
🇩🇪 Explosion Reported in Leverkusen, Germany
According to witnesses, a large column of smoke has risen above the premises of the Bayer chemical company.

From RT
❗️[Leverkusen UPDATE] People claiming to be in the city say the explosion at the Chempark plant could be heard all over the city and felt like an earthquake had struck.
More roads around the area are being shutdown. Police have asked residents to give the area a wide berth and to keep the streets clear for emergency services.
Bild has reported that there are several casualties.

Subscribe to RT

From WhipLash347
There was rescue operations here in 2019.
Flooding in UTAH now.

! Utah: Cedar City Mayor Maile Edwards declared a State of Emergency as widespread flooding could be seen across the area. Crews were dispatched to assess the damage, which was extensive on both public and private property. Cars could be seen half-submerged underwater as streets throughout Cedar City flooded Monday after rain continued to roll through parts of southern Utah. The National Weather Service estimates almost two inches of rain had fallen in the city, causing basement flooding and numerous road closures. The American Red Cross has opened a shelter at the church building at 900 West Center Street for those unable to stay in their homes.

From Aurax

From Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page
The sad INTEL i didn't want to share//but it makes sense now to share since the German broadcast of the 600 dead babies is being talked about.
_Last year in Five_Finger lakes in the U.S. where a larger portion of underground tunnels and Sub-tunnels are located that run thru the East Coast Into Canadian territories ...a large Military operation took place in October... And some 200 hundred Soldiers were killed fighting in the underground tunnels>> Black hats trapped the soldiers and exploded the underground base and Tunnel line in the different areas connecting to Five-finder lakes
D U.M.B.s
_ since this event last year... The current operations have been destroying the TUNNELS at a faster and massive unprecedented levels. MOST of the NEW operations don't go into the tunnels but give WARNINGs through robotics that travel the TUNNELS....>> and word is if the [DS] bases and commands don't surrender, there is no second chance for surrender and everything is DESTROYED .

>Gene Decode also gave hints to this operation where several good (200he said also) soldiers died... Several other leaks talk about this sad event that happened and changed the way Operations are approached now.

Why Bother? / Re: A Question for Herr Hauser and Senor Raul
« Last post by raul on July 27, 2021, 05:09:10 pm »

Thank your for your comments and the links. Unfortunately the video is not available.

Yes, the Paraguayan economy did very well in the 1970s. It was a different time. I think the left leaning elements of society were not very important here. In the 1970s the Stroessner regime did not have the stability problems that the other South American countries had.

Certainly you have nothing in common with your fellow country men, the Hindus. You are an outsider. You see and think too much.

From what you tell about India and its growing population makes me wonder how Klaus Schwab and its World Economic Forum and the globalist centers of power will deal with this issue.

It is easy for Pope Francis and his cardinals to speak from a golden palace in the Vatican City. No matter what the pope says people will continue to ffuck and bring babies into this insane world. Sex keeps this infernal world going.

Stay alert.

P.S. You and the readers of this blog may find this documentary interesting. Its name is Sea of Faith 5 and it is hosted by Don Cuppitt, a British Anglican pastor, I saw it last year.
Why Bother? / Watch the Approaching Apocalypse( To Don Raul)
« Last post by Holden on July 27, 2021, 01:11:58 pm »
Don Raul,

Thanks for the message and the information.I am told that the Paraguayan economy was doing doing extremely well in the 1970s-was it because the regime suppressed the left-leaning elements of the society and was aligned with the laissez-faire approach?

Most of the time I am confused and do not know what to make of this world. The would-be mother-in-law of my young cousin is coming to visit his father after a week or so and my uncle has decided that till that day he would read the Hindu scriptures every single day to make sure that that the wedding date is finalised soon.
Truly, it is not exaggeration and no simile, when I say that we breed like rabbits here. While the leaders in the West say this:
Our so-called leaders tell us this:

As George Carlin says one should not get all worked up by reading such things, but should get a bag of popcorn and watch the approaching apocalypse.
The truth is no one reads the kind of philosophy that Schopenhauer associates with this land here anymore. They have not been reading it for a very long time.

They just blabber some kind of senseless mysticism and apparently, this mysticism also entails making a lot of babies.
I want to have nothing to do with them or their so-called mysticism. I would rather learn from you and Herr Hauser and Schopenhauer.

Kafka once wrote:“What do I have in common with Jews? I hardly have anything in common with myself, and really ought to go stand myself perfectly still in a corner, grateful to be able to breathe.”

Well, I could ask the same question-“What do I have in common with Hindus?

Take care.

PS- For you:
Why Take Humor Seriously? / Re: Weirdo-Rejectionist
« Last post by Kaspar Hauser on July 26, 2021, 07:14:48 pm »
Eldridge added that if human beings do not voluntarily step down as head of the ecosystem, the environment might have to take drastic action to remove them forcibly.

Why Take Humor Seriously? / Re: Weirdo-Rejectionist
« Last post by Holden on July 26, 2021, 09:55:39 am »
Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect. Mark Twain
Why Bother? / Re: A Question for Herr Hauser and Senor Raul
« Last post by raul on July 26, 2021, 08:49:21 am »

Thank you for your words. Indeed this world is pure hell. And we are its prisoners.
Those who study these Gnostic issues say that there is a battle between good and evil both in heaven and on Earth. And the combat of heaven is reflected here on Earth many times and in an unusual way, in the occult. It is not a war that we can see with the eyes of the body and its battles happen in isolated, obscure and mysterious events.

Since World War II the kingdom of evil, they say, was awaiting an answer, a world of fallen angels, a road for liberation, a combat to the death until the end of times.

Yes, the combat between the kingdom of good and the kingdom of evil is a combat to the death. There is no other way, one of them at the end of times must perish forever.

Those who study Gnosticism also say that in the east the archons are called djinns or genies, archon comes from Greek and they are usually referred to as demons in our western culture. These creatures have been among us for many millennia and that they somehow control not only men but peoples and nations.

These entities have always been mistaken as demons in Christianity, in Islam as genies adopting the name of djinns. The best weapon of these genies has always been the confusion and the lack of information that exists about them. It is understood that that in many cultures these entities have also been confused as gods and human sacrifices have been made to them.

We can find that in pre-Columbian America human sacrifices were common in the pyramids suitable for this purpose. Even today some African tribes still maintain these entities as gods. Witches of these tribes speak and give testimonies that they have been chosen by the god of the tribe to protect it in exchange for favors that the rulers will demand from them throughout their lives.

We have been living in a paradise of fools, of fairy tales. We have been living in an archontic world, a parallel world, and their most powerful world was TV. Yes, TV has been the weapon of mind destruction.

Yes, Christians and, especially, Catholic politicians always talk of of the nuclear family as you say. But most of them are hypocrites. In 2008 Paraguay had as president a former Catholic bishop, Fernando Lugo, who was forced to admit later that he had an affair with a young woman and as a result he fathered a baby.

Later another woman, whose son was not recognized by the former bishop, said earlier that Lugo was a “phenomenon” due to the size of his member. There are other politicians and businessmen who behave in the same way. The current president Mario Abdo is not precisely an example of Christian behavior. It is part of the tradition here. It is through hypocrisy that these human sharks gain power.

I remember reading and watching on TV a little about the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union in the late 1980s.
I also read about Mikhail Gorbachev and his perestroika and glasnost. Then we had the fall of the Berlin Wall and the execution of Nicolai Ceasescu, the Romanian dictator in December of 1989 and also the invasion of Panama. We were and are far from international events. 1989 for this country meant the fall of the Stroessner regime in February of that year.

I heard of Thomas Malthus the British economist and Anglican pastor. What I understood is that he wrote that population growth will outrun the food supply and mankind will suffer wars, famines, and deaths if there were no limits to reproduction.

I know that India will surpass China in population. China has 1.44 billion and India 1.380. Well, it is understandable that the least populated country is the Vatican City with 799 inhabitants.

One of the first things I learned about India is that because of their religion people respect cows, calves, bulls and do not kill them because they are sacred animals while in Pakistan Muslims do not eat pork because it is forbidden.

Stay vigilant.
Why Bother? / Alternative News
« Last post by raul on July 26, 2021, 07:52:57 am »
Alternative News

Noticias Rafapal
Forwarded from Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page
reference to the post below
German Spoken report/radio broadcast:
Close to 600 Baby corpses washed up in Bad Neuenahr/Ahrweiler Germany
about 600 baby and child corpses, which are supposed to be laid out in a gymnasium. This process is supposed to have remained hidden from the public. The children and babies are unidentified."

From Noticias Rafapal
It has been confirmed that the news of the floods in the German región of Ahrweiller have washed  up floating lifeless bodies of 600 babies and children supposedly from the underground of a gym.

Noticias Rafapal
Forwarded from Vereinigte Wahrheitsbewegung (Leon Bäng)
Top 20 Radio TV - 10.00 Uhr am 26.Juli.2021 - von heute neue Nachrichten - Thema ist die Flutkatastrophe und Babyleichen in der Flutkatastrophe -

From Noticias Rafapal
A German televisión cannel has shown dead bodies of children that surfaced from underground after the floods.

From CBK
JUST IN - Tunisia's President suspends parliament after an emergency meeting with armed forces and security services, declares he is assuming executive power following violent unrest.

From DevinDevazquez
🇱🇷Blowing DUMBS..334 earthquakes in the last 10 days in Europe but mainly iran, Iraq etc, floods in Australia 3-4 weeks ago, now Europe is flooded > don't tell me nothing is happening, the tunnels are gone folks, returned to nature.

From Brighteon
Military Urging Officers To Get Their Houses In Order

From Whatdoesitmean
Trump Meets With Doomsday Plane In Area 51 As Pentagon Warns Officers
Get Your Houses In Order
Sorcha Faal,

Audience: Individuals Performing COVID-19 Testing
Level: Laboratory Alert

After December 31, 2021, CDC will withdraw the request to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel, the assay first introduced in February 2020 for detection of SARS-CoV-2 only. CDC is providing this advance notice for clinical laboratories to have adequate time to select and implement one of the many FDA-authorized alternatives.

From Noticias Rafapal
"Martine Wonner reports that the (French) Republican Guard has resigned because they no longer wanted to protect (French president Emanuel". This means that the French people are free to "guillotine" him.
Martine Wonner nous annonce que la garde républicaine a démissionné car elle ne voulait plus protéger Macron

U.S. Military Holding White House for Trump’s Return
By Michael Baxter -July 23, 202103
The man who calls himself president, Joseph R. Biden, has never set foot in the real White House, Real Raw News can now report. Immediately following the results of the 2020 presidential election, the U.S. military assumed provisional control of the White House amid concerns that Biden and his Deep State allies had indeed stolen the election.
Read more in:

Back up Archivos Aroita Jiménez
Forwarded from SpecialQForces
Major operation by Europol and Eurojust against Serbian drug gang in Serbia and Spain.
- 17000 hemp plants
- 880 kilos of hemp flowers
- 130 kilos of hashish
- Quarter of a million euros in cash
- 43 arrests

From Townhall
Rand Paul’s Criminal Referral for Dr. Fauci Has Officially Been Delivered
Republican Senator Rand Paul has officially referred Dr. Anthony Fauci to the Department of Justice for criminal investigation and prosecution. Paul delivered the referral, written in a letter, to Attorney

JUST IN - Germany to set up a nationwide cell phone emergency system to broadcast alerts following the recent flood disaster, the Interior Ministry confirmed Friday.

From Baleares-WWG1WGA 🇪🇸
Green pass: Rome´s local police boycotts it: We will not impose fines, powerful message: similar rules in Nazism
Il Messaggero (Italy)
What Now? / The End Of The Human Condition?
« Last post by Kaspar Hauser on July 26, 2021, 06:50:35 am »
From Resignation

Although rarely shared, adolescents in the midst of Resignation quite often write excruciatingly honest poetry about their impending fate; indeed, The Catcher in the Rye is really one long poem about the agony of having to resign to living a human-condition-denying, superficial, totally false existence.

I know that we tend to roll our eyes when someone comes along with a "solution" to SAVE THE WORLD, but the ebook is being given away, and I thought it might be a thought-provoking read:  FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition.

FREEDOM was launched at the Royal Geographical Society in London in June 2016, where Sir Bob Geldof — who was essentially knighted for his concern for humanity — began proceedings by pleading for scientists like Jeremy to save the world. Jeremy then presented that desperately needed scientific solution to the world’s problems, which is the reconciling explanation of our species’ ‘good and evil’ conflicted human condition.

At the bottom of one of the pages on the website is: "This is a scientific pursuit and was not created for profit. For this reason, all information and materials are provided free of charge."
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