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To Mr.Ibra
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Thank you for your message.I think India and most the the middle east is somewhat culturally similar because we also have a large muslim population. I read in the news that in Saudi Arabia women are being allowed a lot of things which were not conceivable even a few years back.

To tell you the truth,women have always possessed a great deal of power in all the past societies and I don't not think things would change drastically.People like us would always be in a very small minority.
The Silent Majority is Gortish.
Women seem to want all the rights and none of the responsibilities. Mrs.Bovary is a classic case.She gets married to a hard working country doctor. He makes sure that she is very comfortable and is completely devoted to her.
She finds him boring and takes many lovers. She also spends all his earnings in shopping for useless things to the extent that in the end he is bankrupt.

Women are crafty,very crafty.Shrewd.

Take care.

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