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Re: To Senor Raul
« Reply #30 on: April 04, 2020, 05:52:47 pm »
Anything can happen.  We may have to resort to Letters by Snail Mail.  With the private message, members of this board might exchange addresses or PO Box, then, should a New Dark Age settle in, at least our correspondence might continue  …  different medium, say a makeshift MAGAZINE of only 15 pages thick … once every passing season until we're all grass upon the hills.

It would be a way to keep our sanity during such a challenge to what we have become accustomed to.

I had lived years without Internet, and even without access to computers; but now I would feel it more acutely as the operating systems have been so dependent upon Internet access to build itself and maintain the entire system.

I would have plenty to tinker with, but I know myself - and I have a thin threshold before I panic and become filled with anxiety and terror.  I try to nurture a sense of humor, joking that, from the looks of my rotten-toothed grin, my skeleton is already dead, and possibly wrapped in tar. 

The flesh, blood, bones, brain, etc. are on overtime --- my bones have no fear of death … only the flesh fears what it has been programmed to fear by the gnosis stored in all the nonhuman dimensions of organic life.

I feel close to "my" bones, or --- recognizing I am this vulnerable unit of human cattle in an Animal Farm Run Amuck, while there is a mythological "law and order," enforced by the silent majority, in reality, as a global phenomenon, nothing but entropy, chaos …

Trust me, when I write, there is an inner animal nonhuman part of me that is Will (emotion, feeling) which reserves the right to contradict everything proposed by the Intellect which refers to itself as I, the Subject.

Holden had once put forth the suggestion to do away with the Subject, and simply observe one's own personal existence with a detached indifference, more as a RECORDING than an EXPERIENCE.

I think this zooms in on the true riddle of existence, in the Upanishads, was there Brahman and Atman.  I don't know.  No se.
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