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Re: The Tyranny of Public Opinion
« on: January 17, 2019, 11:33:40 pm »
Yes, right to the point.  I vividly remember the profound influence reading Schopenhauer (from 1990 through 1993 especially) had on me.   Even though, just after this period, I met a young woman who would live with me for a few years, throughout my life, I can see that Schopenhauer's presence has been powerful.  With no offense meant towards my deceased grandfathers, I have always considered Arthur Schopenhauer to be my spiritual great great grandfather; perhaps even more.

In the past I thought that maybe I was obligated in some way to pay my debt to Schopenhauer by becoming the true non-academic philosopher; but I see that just the way I prefer spending my days studying in private without concern for "marketing skills" is testimony that I have been a sincere disciple of the man.

I will not leave any great "works" behind, but I may leave an encyclopedic series of carefully scribbled notes that may be a curious artifact for some curious loafer to explore after my bones are put to rest.  For all I know, the entire collection of notebooks might find their way to India.  Who knows??  Stranger things have happened.

It's not that there is anything groundbreaking in the notes, but as a collection, as evidence of a certain calm state of mind attained over a period of several years, they may take on a strange, almost mystical ambiance, maybe inducing that "space cadet glow" in whoever becomes drawn to them.   

Then again, maybe these notebooks are just a way for me to keep track of what I have been going over, a kind of proof to myself that I have actually been quite busy, busy, busy supposedly "doing nothing with my life."   

Knowing that we all amount to nothing in the end, I agree with Holden and like to stay true to the ancient sense of what it means to "philosophize," which is preparation for death.  In keeping these notes at this time, while I am able to, for as long as this phase of my life lasts, I am not, as many "students" half my age are inclined to do, preparing for some kind of "science-oriented" career.   Fortunately I have reached an age where I fully understand that I had been "thrown overboard" thirty years ago.  The cool thing about my uneventful life is that I have adapted to my low status, and I am compensated with what I like to call a Rich Inner Life.

Having absorbed Schopenhauer's MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE at a relatively early stage of this journey, I had never been too shocked by the series of disappointments and heartaches experienced.   

There are many benefits to living a solitary way of life and even to remaining disentangled from romantic relations and even "friendships."

In today's world the loner is demonized.  So be it.

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