Author Topic: The Brazilian Dexter, a serial killer of other criminals  (Read 2668 times)

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very strong and poetic words you wrote
Quote from: Silenus
Does anyone care about democracy, morality or Marxism when they are without bread?

The problems grow in complexity. No pleasant ideals and moralities can stop them

that reminds me of the Grand Inquisitor with the Christ majestic dialogue (at 7:20 mark he talks about bread and freedom)

I posted this video maybe  once or twice before but I find it interesting every time i watch it.

the seeds of destruction is planted long ago into our DNA. I wouldn't say it is irrational, It is all natural.  rationality is a figment of our imagination. It couldn't have been other other way around.

" for we are always at war", the best take on war I found is similar to those words of yours, Judge Holden is a fantastic character sans the paedofilia

I find these formats of dialogues easier for me to grasp than books.

I hope you stay well, events sometimes are over-exaggerated by media  and need long time to unfold. or maybe like a soviet-style will collapse suddenly, no one knows.

Suffering is the only fruit of human race