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Thank you for sharing that interesting essay Raul.

Unlike it's author, I do not lament the loss of certain values, nor does the rise of other ones bother me. These are just various social contracts, mutually-shared illusions.

For example, as you say, the locusts are spreading. East Africa, Middle East, Sri Lanka, India and now Latin American countries. This will certainly cause famine and migration for millions. Does anyone care about democracy, morality or Marxism when they are without bread?

These concepts are developed only in periods of relative stability, a.k.a. when wars are fought externally, rather than internally, for we are always at war.

I think we are seeing a shift. Global civilization will collapse within my lifetime, I am certain of it. It is unsustainable. But anyways, we may begin to see the direction of violence turn inward, into the societies themselves. Authoritarianism, mass surveillance, military rule.

A global pandemic, global economic depression, global locust plague, uncertainty in the global supply chain, drought in various regions, accelerating climate warming in certain regions, predictions of an intense tropical storm season and likely wildfires.

The problems grow in complexity. No pleasant ideals and moralities can stop them.

Take care.

P.S. If you are reading this Ibra, I wish you and your family well. Your peoples are only a couple steps ahead of the rest of the world. Soon, many of us will reap the consequences of this self-destructive civilization, and of our violent, irrational nature that seeks to hoard resources and wall-off others.
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