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Some Quotes
« on: December 14, 2022, 04:51:00 pm »

“There’s no adventure’: there is no need to press the parallel. Tolstoy has found a parable that brings home to the full the Outsider’s attitude to other men: he cites an Eastern fable of a man who clings to a shrub on the side of a pit to escape an enraged beast at the top and a dragon at the bottom.

Two mice gnaw at the roots of his shrub. Yet while hanging, waiting for death, he notices some drops of honey on the leaves of the shrub, and reaches out and licks them.

This is man, suspended between the possibilities of violent accidental death and inevitable natural death, diseases accelerating them, yet still eating, drinking, laughing at Fernandel in the cinema. This is the man who calls the Outsider morbid because he lacks appetite for the honey!”
From the Outsider by Colin Wilson.

“The world is a cruel lie
The human and its toxins see and inhale
Transpiring hatred and rancor
Immersed in falsehoods like vapor
Irradiating with evil
They will never be able to extinguish their loneliness
Surrounded by their fellows
They will never be full beings, abundant
Of sadness and delirious insanities
Rotten planet that worships an image
Crooked trees, rivers of blood
The crow prostrate on the wandering cross
Lost gaze of the majestic watcher”
Daniel Cruz
From Poetas y Filosofos Malditos-FB

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