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Re: Population control
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Senor raul,

the situation in Syria is as bleak as ever since a decade. in my family place, the people live by harvesting crops (Wheat mainly). the last month was a horror for people, thousands of hectares set on fire by "God know who" there are many forces in that place, for a starter USA and Russia , then Turkey, Iran and many proxies. it is the scorched earth 101. the famine is looming in whole country, people can't find bread and that a good environment to utilize people. Erdogan of Turkey for example, is hiring mercenary and send them abroad to fight in Libya as his pawns. teens aged 16 and above are being recruited.

I knew long ago it is the law of the jungle that govern the human race, but I didn't internalize it and seeped into my bones  until this week. morality, human rights, tolerance are just bullShit. we are just denying our animalism.

I keep coming back to this video to stay grounded

and look at those happy-go-lucky comments on youtube, People still don't realize their nature.
It is easy to virtue signal while enjoying the consequences of the their leader's actions.

I amazingly don't feel that self-righteous rage anymore, trying Mr. Holden technique of detachment. it is always been this way, it is only our turn this time  :)

note: we the poor eat flat bread here. what is the bread style there in Paraguay if I may ask.


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