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Re: Population control
« Reply #15 on: June 22, 2020, 09:08:34 pm »
This thread is worthy of a recap/bump:

Quote from: Ibra
Senor Raul,
your acute observations are a joy to read.

Henry Kissinger is indeed an evil person. but evil always prevail, we ain't in a utopia. he had a Nobel peace prize in 1973 (talk about irony). I heard a joke a while ago, that president Obama holds the world record for the most children killed by a nobel peace prize winner.  ;D.  because his drone program that bombarded our brown people in middle east. obviously middle east has a fiery duo of religion and oil.

Quote from: Holden
I wish there were some kind of drug which would take my hunger away forever.

Quote from: raul
I read that some in the USA called Obama Bombama because he droned anyone and everyone, anywhere and everywhere. His skin is black but his heart is blacker if he has one. After all he was/is just a puppet.Others are pulling the strings. Some say he is the puppet of the Bilderbergers.

* In the Mic Crenshaw song, HELP ME, Mic refers to President O-bomb-ya, a man with a likeable personality who, nonetheless, rose through the ranks of power, and hence ... well, I am actually more afraid of criticizing Obombya than criticizing Trump.   I am not fond of being bullied by the right or the left.  The left does not get a free pass with me just because they are so disgustingly "politically correct" ...  Please do not mistaken my failure to align myself with one camp as evidence of some kind of loyalty to another.   

Why would anyone want to claim to be in charge of such a runaway train?

Quote from: raul
But this population control is also aided by the drug companies. A Danish doctor, Peter Gotzsche, said that “the main reason we take so many drugs is that drug companies don’t sell drugs, they sell lies about drugs.” He also said that “patients don’t realise that, although their doctors may know a lot about diseases and human physiology and psychology, they know very, very little about drugs that hasn’t been carefully concocted and dressed up by the drug industry. Furthermore, they don’t know that their doctors may have self-serving motives for choosing certain drugs for them, or that many of the crimes committed by the drug industry wouldn’t be possible if doctors didn’t contribute to them.”

Quote from: raul
The Russian and Italian mafia are babies in comparison to Big Pharma cartels.

Quote from: Holden
Before Kant we lived in space and time. Now space and time lives in us.(Negative Philosophy).

*     In Parerga and Paralipomena, vol. I, "Fragments for the History of Philosophy," § 13:

Schopenhauer says of Kant's doctrine of the ideality of space and time: "Before Kant, it may be said, we were in time; now time is in us. In the first case, time is real and, like everything lying in time, we are consumed by it. In the second case, time is ideal; it lies within us."

Quote from: Holden
In the US a lot of riots are taking place ,I hope Herr Hauser is safe.

I have been too influenced by the life and spoken words of the deceased Native John Trudell to believe that one can get very far going toe-to-toe with riot police.  This "Predator Class/Energy" is not in the least bit afraid of protestors and rioters.  Someone funds them, some make money off them (selling signs and paint), and such demonstrations pave the way for the "militarized police forces" to test out their toys [read: weapons designed for crowd control, such as the kind of sonic vibrations comparable to The Father's gadget in the Island of Dr. Moreau].

They fear a clear coherent thinking human being, someone like Senor Raul of Paraguay, perhaps ... Senor Raul has pointed out a few times at least that there are those paranoid control-freaks who might find our innocent philosophical inquiries more than a little annoying.

(8 )
Thank you for introducing that Mike Posner and his song/performance of "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" --- Such authenticity is rare ... a very humble man who must have paid some dues to acquire that sensitive voice.   I would have trouble not sobbing singing such sad songs, really.   I can sing to the point that I feel it, and then I sob, and then laugh affectionately at myself for actually still having some heart left.

Quote from: raul
The fact that President Trump is acting against the WHO, China, the mass media, Obama, the Clintons, the Democrats, and the so-called Deep State/Industrial Military Complex and the so-called Antifa is a sign that there is brutal war among the elites. Whoever wins, Earth will be the prize. But this is only my opinion.  We still have a long way to go. I don´t know if I will be here to see future events.

I greatly appreciate your piercing insights, Raul of Paraguay.

[last but not least] Holden quoting Heraclitus:  "The world is nothing but a great desire to live, and a great dissatisfaction with living"

May we find some kind of solace in the inevitability of our return to the Void.   :-\
I like to imagine that most of the hatreds that have been injected into our brains via cultural indoctrination might evaporate from the perspective of our very own death beds.
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