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Re: Mistro Prison Cell
« on: June 09, 2019, 04:41:49 pm »

Thank you for your recommendation. I have not read I was Dora Suarez by Derek Raymond. Again these words of yours should be inserted in a kind of pessimistic anthology: “We are all stuck in a horror movie/novel. The fools think they are in some kind of romantic comedy.”

Most would never understand that we are in freak show called life. I admit it also took years to realize this madness. I hope your colleagues realize that messing with you will lead them nowhere.

I saw three movies based on Stephen King´s books, Carrie, Thinner, and The Shining by Stanley Kubrick, and I read only one book The Dead Zone a long time ago in Spanish.

On Friday I read the news in where the journalist reported that a man is wanted by the police for trying to **** a female dog in Encarnación (a city near the border with Argentina). Awful story but true. I am sure Stephen King or Thomas Harris will find plenty of stories for their books in this country.

I remember Rust Cohle´s scene in True Detective where a criminal says: Time is a flat circle. An endless repetition of forces that we name good and evil in order to make sense of them. The world does not give a damn about these labels.

In the other response to your post I should have added that most, including me, must not possess the woman they penetrate. To ejaculate in no man's land. Nomadic semen or erratic semen, or ejaculating over the street in the parks and waiting for the birds to come and take it by air and fertilize it in a land unknown.

Be well.