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Individualists Tending to the Wild (ITS)
« on: February 09, 2019, 04:13:42 pm »
To the readers of this blog:

On Saturday, January 5, 2019 a bomb explosion occurred around noon near the busy Plaza Italia in central Santiago in Chile, and was heard several streets away. Police sealed off the immediate area.
Chile´s Interior Minister Andres Chadwick said the police were investigating the attack as a “terrorist crime” and that the veracity of group's claims were being investigated. The explosion at a bus stop wounded five people in the center of the Chilean capital.

A militant environmental group, supposedly following the ideas by Theodore Kaczynski aka the Unabomber, claimed the attack on its website. Two years ago the group -- identifying themselves as “Individualists Tending to the Wild” -- said they were behind a parcel bomb attack that injured the head of state-owned copper mining giant Codelco.

This eco extremist group bécame known in Mexico after they claimed the responsibility for the killing of José Jaime Barrera Moreno, Chemical Services Chief of the Faculty of Chemistry in UNAM, (Autonomous University of Mexico) in 2011. They wage war on scientists and researchers. They claim they wage war on civilization and progress.                                                                             

Below is their communiqué in 2016:

The hyper-civilized along with their structures of social life deserve fire and explosives. We are not sympathetic at all with disgusting “class struggle” and we spit on humanist precautions of some for the common citizenry. Those masses would not hesitate to snitch to the police (refer to the “citizen’s arrest”), so that’s why they will only get Uncivilized Fire.

We are un-ideological individuals. We thus **** on all ideologies. Our motivations for attack are the rivers, volcanoes, the ocean, the forests, the puma, the meadowlark, and all that is wild.

We have shown as a faction that attack against civilization is possible with minimum resources. We have brought to it chaos, destabilization, and why not, terror.

We detest civilized life, its rights and processes, its values and progress. Thus, its recreational areas are and will be targets for eco-extremists. Malls, movie theaters, clubs, restaurants, etc. are civilization itself and thus are targets.

It’s for that reason and many more that we attacked and take responsibility for the fire in the food court and rooftop of the mall in the center of the capital this past May 24 (2016). For all until now the act was an accident. Well, not anymore!

Let it be known that this was arson, an egoist and savage Fire. With these words we, the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild, declare that we were the authors of this attack; we who again lurked about your disgusting city like a content Patagonian Puma.

The backpack hid the material and, surrounded by citizens, we got off the bus and headed to the chosen spot. In those moments, your heart tells your mind that there’s no turning back, that you have no doubts on this chosen path. With each step we walked with the spirits of the native peoples of the past, with the stars and the wind. We got there and it was only a matter of getting to the agreed upon place. Our “disguise” gave us the capability of getting into places where others can’t. With our hearts racing and our hands trembling we abandoned our explosive device hidden experimentally within a carton of milk. The escape was doubly tense, but once outside we laughed with pleasure (and not silently). People looked at us like, “What’s wrong with these guys?” And we disappeared….

In hiding and far away, today almost a month later, this is our moment!

In the frozen southern lands, we remain among those who resist all that is artificial. This resistance is not passive, but violent and wild. It does not fear the consequences of these acts, facing off against the techno-system. Our fiery terror comes from our most primitive instincts, those which artificiality has not been able to eradicate within us.

Accomplice greetings to ITS in the North, to eco-extremists everywhere, to the Italian Sect and the Mystical Horde of the Forest!

Let it be known that there is War in the South!
Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile
– Uncivilized Southerners

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Individualists Tending to Think (ITT)
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2019, 07:52:03 pm »
 They don't seem to be fighting against anything coherent.

If I were a wolf or a river or a mountain, I would not want them fighting for me.

Surely this civilization will face serious bottlenecks in the near future concerning resources, over population, the "cost of living," etc.   I am of the feeling that it is best to let Nature take its course, even if this means mass starvation and a growing reluctance to reproduce. 

I'm sorry, the glorification of violence in the name of "going wild" just doesn't seem coherent to me.   Maybe I'm just getting too old for that shiit.   I prefer fighting the enemy from within, because the environment inside my head is the only environment I have left to defend.  The clear and coherent use of our intelligence is a far more dangerous threat to the predatory energy than random attacks on mall-rats and the poor denizens of industrial civilization.  Encouraging the use of guns and bombs only feeds into the energy of chaos and incoherence.

how we use our intelligence

"Every time you say 'I believe,' I want you to think the thought, 'I don't know'." 

"The dangerous thing about 'judging' is that we will always judge ourselves the harshest."

"You can't judge and RECOGNIZE simultaneously.  It's one or the other.  If you're using your intelligence to judge, the the ability to use your intelligence to recognize is hampered by the judgments, the limitations of the judgments.  Your ability to think is hampered by the fears of the belief.  We're confronted with a predatory energy that eats our spirits.   Our protection and our self-defense is in our intelligence, in how clearly and coherently we use it."

"If there is anything this predatory energy fears, it is a clear thinking, coherent human being."

~ John Trudell

The problem I see with ITS is the one-dimensional definition of what a human being is.

being a human being

It is easy enough to sit around and make ourselves miserable.  Part of the 'power' of developing a kind of devotion to a practice, whether it be mathematics or music or whatever, is that it seems to allow for a slight shift in our perception of reality.  Such a shift may be enough to alleviate the misery and wretchedness of 'our being,' and we might be lifted from the pits of despair, if even for only the briefest of intervals.   In this way we may introduce coherency into the reality of energy, as John Trudell says.

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Re: Individualists Tending to the Wild (ITS)
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2019, 04:31:45 pm »
Individualits Tending to the Wild - Mexico

This is an interview, a summary, with the group “Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje-México” (Indivualists Tending to the Wild-Mexico or ITS) with Ciro Gómez Leyva (EPM) on July 1, 2016.
They claimed the murder of Jose Jaime Barrera, Chemical Services Chief of the Faculty of Chemistry in UNAM (Autonomus University of Mexico).

EPM: Why kill?

ITS: And why not? Is it a sin? Is it a crime? Is it bad? I am sure that more than one answered “yes” to these questions. We respond that in order to be clear we kill because this is a WAR, that is why, because we do not recognize other authority than the authority of our pagan deities linked to nature and against Catholicism and the Jewish god, personal deities that push us to confrontation. We kill because we do not recognize other law than the natural laws that rule EVERYTHING in this dead world.

We kill because we reject any moral that they want to impose us because we do not consider it “bad” or “good” but a response from our indivuality to all the destruction generated by the human progress.

Within the scope of terrorism, killing can be an strategy, a call, a warning for things to come…

Going to the main issue we killed the Chemical Services Chief of UNAM to remind you that we can attack at any moment, whomever it is inside the university to show you that our objectives have widened. In 2011 we devote ourselves to attacking the scientists and researchers, now all those who are part of the university community. Why?

For the simple fact of being part of the student and progressive community of this high house of studies.
Months ago we warned the UNAM authorities, we warned that if our attacks continued being silenced they would face the consequences and the result was the scandal dead inside the University City as a reminder. It is the same if it was a worker, the same scandal would have occurred if it had been a student, a teacher or in any case, a renowned researcher, the objective, the UNAM was attacked again, the authorities demoralized and we with another dead in our record.

EPM:  How many more objectives do you have?

ITS: Our objective in concrete is civilization in its entirety, universities and companies that generate slaves so that this system keeps growing, the shopping malls and institutions that fill the minds of the blind borregos (gorts) straightaway to the slaughterhouse, the mass which also contributes to the destruction of the Earth with their simple exisitence. We attack the symbols of modernity, of religion, of technology and progress. We attack directly those responsible for the urban stain that keeps growing and devouring all the wild environments that still remain.

In short we, the eco extremists are against the human progress which corrupts and degrades all that is beautiful in this world, the progress that makes everything artificial, mechanic, gray, sad and we do not endure that and that is why we have declared war on this civilization and its disgusting progress a few years ago.

EPM: If you neither believe in a better tomorrow nor you are revolutionaries, what are you asking? What is the goal of your struggle?

ITS: We do not ask anything. We do not have demands or petitions. How can you negotiate the loss of our roots as natural humans who resist to the artificiality of civilization? Of course not, there is no negotiation or dialogues, no nothing.

We do not believe in revolutions because these will always be directed to the “solution of problems”, to build something new and better. Let us tell you that the time for “revolutions” and “revolutionaries” is gone and there is no “revolution” that will change a negative thing for a positive thing because today everything is corrupt, everything is for sale. What rules the world nowadays is not the political power but the economic one. Revolutions are a thing of the past and we have understood that very well.

Civilization is rotten, it decays more and more but it still keeps advancing. We would like to make it collapse with our own hands but this finality would be childish. We do not bet for the fall of civilization and we do not have its destruction. Let that be clear.

In the philosophical aspect we are pessimists because we have seen that everything beautiful for us, nature, has been lost, has been destroyed and it is being pushed to extinction.

There is nothing else to fight for except for our own individualities; we continue being humans and not robots, we are the Wild Nature, we still consider ourselves part of nature and not the owners. The eco extremists rescue our primitive roots and among other things is confrontation, the conflict that have identified us as people of this land, children of the mesquite and coyote, waging war on those who want to domesticate us as our ancestors used to do when they did not allow to be dominated by the Europeans when they arrived at the Gran Chichimeca.

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How People live on the US-Mexico Border
« Reply #3 on: February 14, 2021, 04:16:33 pm »
wild world

Meztecs?  - Aztecs, the predecessors of the Mexicans, were the wildest guys on the whole continent:

In the forest, the bronze-skinned native women, even as they age beyond child-birthing age, appear to be charming creatures, nearly as beautiful as the original inhabitants of India, I imagine.   :o
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