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Alternative News Report
« on: May 05, 2024, 06:50:28 pm »

From Master C. Miller
Reminder, Zelensky is a ppedophile.

From The General
BREAKING: Former CNN anchor and vaccine pusher Chris Cuomo disclosed for the first time that he has been suffering from side effects he attributes to the COVID-19 vaccine.

From Lady Q
BREAKING: Israel/Hamas “ceasefire” talks FALL THOUGH
Netanyahu: Ending war as part of hostage deal would keep Hamas as threat to Israel.
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From Lady Q
BREAKING: President Trump has announced plans to DEPORT OVER 20 MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS from the United States if he comes back next year.
This operation will be the “largest mass deportation effort” in American history.
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Weekly Reports   
One last battle and the Rockefeller/Hitler branch of the KM will go down
ByBenjamin Fulford   
April 29, 2024

The global white hat alliance scored major victories last week in the ongoing secret battle for the planet Earth. Klaus Schwab Rothschild, the Battenbergs (British Royals), Hillary Clinton Rockefeller, Barack Obama Hitler, Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci were all executed at Guantanamo Bay, according to Pascal Najadi the son of the co-founder of the World Economic Forum who claims to be directly involved.

We have independently confirmed with MI6 that Schwab is gone and know the others listed have all been placed on an execution list.

Mossad sources confirm the British royals have also been killed. This is why riderless horses – one of them is painted red to look like blood- are galloping around London. In Revelations 6:2, John describes seeing the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and describes how he “looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.”

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This came after the Head of Israeli Intelligence Major General Aharon Haliva resigned due to the failure of the October 7th false flag in Gaza. His resignation triggered “a wholesale tsunami or clear out at Director General of Military Intelligence around the world… they are all gone,” says the head of MI6.

In other proof, Israeli Minister of National Security, Ben Gvir was involved in a horrific traffic accident while leaving Ramala.

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Next Israeli Minister Haim Biton’s father was seriously injured in a Jerusalem car crash.

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Now the International Criminal Court is issuing arrest warrants for Benyamin Netanyahu and other Israeli officials.

We also know the surviving members of the Rothschild family have agreed to work with the alliance. This means one last big battle against the Hitler/Rockefeller bloodline should end this war and liberate humanity.

The surviving Rockefellers under David Rockefeller Jr. are definitely desperate and dangerous cornered beasts now.

This is especially true now that Rockefeller Secretary of State Anthony Blinken returned home empty handed from his beg/threaten mission to China last week. Take a look at his expression as he poses with Chinese President Xi Jinping and you can see he is deeply disappointed and scared.

Blinken started the meeting by sucking up to China saying: “The United States does not seek a new Cold War, does not seek to change China’s system, does not seek to suppress China’s development, does not seek to revitalize its alliances against China, and has no intention to have a conflict with China.”

Xi responded by saying “Honor words with actions rather than say one thing but do another…Today, as I see it, dwellers of the same planet should help each other. We live in an interdependent world and rise and fall together. With their interests deeply intertwined, all countries need to build maximum consensus for win-win and all-win outcomes. This is the basic starting point for China to view the world and the China-U.S. relationship,” Xi said.

Behind the scenes, Blinken asked for trillions of dollars of loans in exchange for promises to fight “climate change,” while simultaneously threatening to attack China with weather warfare weapons, Asian secret society sources say.

The Chinese told him to buzz off and the meeting was cut short as this video shows:

Xi Jinping: When will he [Blinken] leave?

Assistant: He’s leaving this evening.

That is why Blinken outright threatened Beijing over what Washington describes as China’s support for the Russian army in a press conference after the talks.

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Since he left empty-handed, the Rockefeller faction is definitely running out of money fast. As a reminder in 2007, just before the US went bankrupt during the “Lehman shock” and was bailed out by China, the U.S. national debt was below $10 trillion, the budget deficit was about $160 billion and interest payments were approximately $400 billion. Now the debt has surpassed 34 trillion, is growing by $1 trillion every hundred days and debt servicing costs have topped $1 trillion.

They are definitely going to try to steal your money to keep in business. The IRS has been using AI to access bank accounts of American Citizens without any kind of a search warrant…they have access to every single persons bank account. This is a blatant violation of the fourth amendment; This administration is LAWLESS!”

They have already stolen so much from the people that 17 million US households are suffering from a lack of food.—reports-1118077054.html

The result is a collapse of the social order in the US. The amount of people reporting they have been the victim of a crime has risen by 42.4% between 2021 and 2022. The fake Biden administration is trying to say crime is down 2% because people have given up calling the police who are unable to respond.

Former Federal Reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan once said : “The U.S. can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that. There is zero probability of default”

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Did you get that? It begs the question… why do we pay taxes if they can just print money? The fact is the rest of the world has stopped accepting their funny money and so they cannot print their way out of this.

The Rockefellers bought time with cryptocurrency fraud and by stealing Russian assets. They may have also extorted money from the United Arab Emirates. It was pummeled with roughly a year’s worth of rain in less than a day on April 16th and French intelligence sources say the UAE now seems to have run out of money.

Regardless, this is unlikely to keep the Rockefellers in business past June. That means we can expect them to stage some major events to try to cover for their bankruptcy and systems collapse.

This may be why AirBnB is expecting large-scale government actions and lockdowns to begin on June 6, 2024, according to a newly obtained email.

Their email shows they expect the following in June:

Declared public health emergencies and epidemics.

Government travel restrictions

Military actions and other hostilities

Large-scale outages of essential utilities

Natural Disasters

The video below shows 25 ways the US is being destroyed by these people.

Video Player

We will look more into this below but first, we want to talk about a massive secret battle raging in Japan. The German branch of the Khazarian Mafia tried to kill the Japanese imperial family by pretending King Charles was still alive and using him to invite the royals to visit England in June. MI6 warned the royals it was a trap set by UK civil service head Simon Case and former MI6 head John Scarlett. A source close to the imperial family said they knew it was a trap and were not planning to go.

This invitation came after a major white hat victory in the battle for control of the Bank of Japan. The yen is now plunging to multi-decade lows because

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