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Alternative News Report
« on: February 23, 2024, 07:02:13 am »

Galway Beo
Major Galway sports event cancelled out of respect to 'lovely boy' who died suddenly
A community mourns 'a shocking loss'

From LauraAboli
Mail Online
Keith from The Office dies aged 50
Actor and comedian Ewen MacIntosh, who starred as Keith Bishop in The Office, has died aged 50

Marines Arrest “Black Hat” Officer/DHS Advisor
By Michael Baxter -February 18, 2024

U.S. Marines in Eagle Pass last week arrested Coast Guard officer and Military Advisor to the Department of Homeland Security Rear Admiral Michael Platt on charges of treason, sedition, and aiding and abetting the enemy, a source in General Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

His capture, however, is regarded merely as a consolation prize accepted in place of whom White Hat forces had hoped to find skulking around the embattled border city—Alejandro Mayorkas himself.

On February 8, White Hats at U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) learned through intercepted emails, text messages, and voice conversations that Mayorkas was secretly planning to visit Eagle Pass on the 13th. They treated the news with skepticism, though, because intelligence until that moment had placed Mayorkas in Belgrade, Serbia, where he was reportedly hiding out, living a luxurious lifestyle, to avoid being captured by White Hat forces in the United States. As far as White Hats knew, the Mayorkas who had appeared at Congressional hearings and on MSM broadcasts was either a sedulously trained body double or clone of the genuine article. But they couldn’t exclude the possibility of the true Mayorkas slipping back into the U.S. under their radar.

Upon receiving ARCYBER’s intel, General Eric M. Smith ordered Marines on the border to arrest Mayorkas on sight, even if it meant confronting an armed federal entourage. Were Mayorkas to rear his shiny head, he’d conspicuously stick out like a sore thumb in the relatively small community, especially since the odds of him traveling sans a gang of federal thugs were infinitesimally small.

As reported previously by RRN, Gen. Smith dispatched a significant but unspecific number of Marines to the border as a bulwark against federal encroachment on Texas’ sovereignty. Sources at the general’s office still refuse to disclose the disposition of White Hat forces but have said that they have enough boots on the ground to spot high-ranking Deep Staters.

A day before Mayorkas’ supposed arrival, White Hat forces encircled Eagle Pass, stationed sentries at Eagle Pass Municipal Airport, and placed motorcades at highways and backroads to and from the city. Every point of ingress, our source said, had been surveilled.

To General Smith’s dismay, the 13th elapsed without a single Mayorkas sighting, which he attributed to either flawed intelligence or Mayorkas getting tipped off.

At approximately 6:30 p.m., however, a pair of Marines dining at a local eatery just happened to glance out a window and see a tall Black male wearing Coast Guard whites with an admiral’s insignia stroll past the restaurant. The Marines discreetly snapped cellphone pictures of the officer and sent them to their commanding officer in Eagle Pass.

The officer was identified as Rear Admiral Platt, a career military man and outspoken opponent of President Trump’s closed border policies. In 2019, Platt endorsed Biden’s presidency and urged officers beneath him to do likewise, saying that Trump’s Neanderthalic opposition to inclusivity hindered military recruitment and threatened the fabric of progressive society. He was among a handful of high-ranking brass espousing open borders and tearing down cultural and physical barriers between the United States and Mexico. So, White Hats weren’t surprised when he became Military Advisor to the Secretary of Homeland Security in June 2022, a position allowing him to further erode the U.S. Constitution and influence policies destructive to a patriotic society.

White Hats also believed Platt helped the DHS identify law-abiding active and retired service members who peacefully visited the Capitol on J6.

When word of his presence in Eagle Pass reached Gen. Smith, he issued the order to bag Platt before he vanished into ether.

A squad of Marines expeditiously located Platt at a nearby motel and confronted him about his treasonous crimes. Platt, our source said, ordered the Marines to stand down, claiming he was a “superior officer,” but the Marines relieved Platt of his sidearm and took custody of him.

“Platt deserves a tribunal,” our source said. “He’s not the one we really wanted, but sometimes we take what we’re given. I’m guessing Mayorkas was too much of a p**** to show up and sent Platt instead.”

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