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Zapffe - what a relief to hear the truth
« on: December 10, 2015, 04:13:53 pm »
It's that time of year when couples send photos of themselves with their babies or photos of them smiling on their vacations.  Are these people that naive that they actually think anyone is going to believe, if only they were them, how wonderful life would be?  Some people just don't get it through their heads that anyone who is experiencing what it is to be alive will know that there is no escaping from the unpleasant nature of existence.

There is no reason to envy anyone.  Oh, here is a video about Zapffe's philosophy.  I have been searching for just a hint of truth out there.  It's amazing how much bullshiitt is out there.  Why aren't more people honest about the nature of their lives?

I think this video will bring some relief from the nausea that is caused by too much exposure to phony bullshiitt.  Our condition is inherently disconcerting and problematic.  Happy Holidays?  :-\

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