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Re: Why Bother With This Message Board?
« on: July 28, 2014, 08:01:26 pm »
Flipping open a notebook from this past winter, I was taken aback by how the entry I was reading was so close to what I feel right now.  I did a search for this particular entry in Dead End to see if it had been typed into the collection of excerpts, and, sure enough, it had been.  I imagine myself reaching into a chest and picking up Notebook #29 from 1991 when I declared myself to be a Schopenhauer Disciple.  I wonder if I knew the full implications of that back then.  Now, I see myself today, this Steppenwolf a couple years away from the midnight hour (age 50), and I recognize that I certainly was not playing around when I made that decision.  I was crystal clear.

And even this past winter, even in the midst of binge drinking, I was still very aware of my stance.


Global outrage over climate change caused by emissions from a way of life dependent on fossil fuels, i.e., automobiles and furnaces … Meanwhile, my voice is shot from singing and shouting yesterday. Now that all funds have once again quickly dwindled, I prepare to heal from a long binge, the longest binge I remember having engaged in in a long, long time.

I am just so disgusted with the systematic stupidity of my contemporaries. This arrogance and stupidity is reflected in their lifestyles, their large vehicles, and the corporations they serve – their Masters. As our industrialized society seems incapable of resisting this systematic stupidity, I am becoming more and more scornful of the hordes who enthusiastically conform to this meaningless way of life. My refusal to own a personal motor vehicle is an organic protest. If we are going to ween ourselves off dependency upon fossil fuels, we might start by sharing community vehicles that we share in an organized manner.   Would that be pure communism or basic communalism?

My literary interests reveal just how marginalized my intelligence is in comparison to mainstream culture. Have I finally come to appreciate the futility of concerning myself with public opinion?

Seeing people gather in stadiums and pay subscribers for cable television, identifying themselves with the cars they drive, buying status symbols to impress strangers who don't give a lick damn, it all leaves me with the feeling of living in an Orwellian Nightmare.

orwellian nightmare
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