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To Mr.Ibra
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I quite understand that in an orthodox society like that of the middle-east, it must be very difficult to stay as a bachelor.I want to tell you that Indian society is no less orthodox ,at least my parents  are very much so.

Their heads are full of unexamined and unanalysed assumptions.
In a world such as the one we have got in our hands, who in his right mind, would agree to get married.I believe that marriage is the height of optimism.That the bridegroom is giving a thumbs up to the world,to existence and is agreeing to perpetuate it .Generally speaking,I am not a kind man, but I am not so hardhearted either, that I'd bring forth my own kids in this hellish place. I would much sooner swing using noose.

On second thought, noose is really not how I'd like to go. I would like to turn the existence against itself, and let the stomach, which has digested so many things over the years, digest itself.

Take care.
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