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Re: Trouble with Being Cioran
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Once again thank you for sharing these words.

I read that poppies since ancient times symbolize eternal sleep and death. The Romans and the Greeks gave poppies to the dead and they were grown outside the cave where Hypnos, the god of sleep resided. I would have liked also to taste the poppies and live with Hypnos forever. A nice wish never to be realized.

According to the classification of the demonic guys who rule this world we have PRIDE: Lucifer, GREED: Mammon, LUST: Asmodeus, ENVY: Leviathan, GLUTTONY: Beelzebub, WRATH: Satan, SLOTH: Belphegor. Since I admit I am lazy I prefer Belphegor.

Let me quote these two poem by Bulgarian Peiu Yavorov (1878-1914):

I do not live: I burn. Inconciliables
Two souls rival in my chest:
an angel soul and a demon soul. In myself
they breathe fire and their ardor burns me.

And both burn with flames, where I touch
Even in the stone, I hear both hearts beat ...
Always both, everywhere, obsessively
with enemy faces they are consumed until they become embers.

Behind me the wind, wherever I go,
Ash will cover my footprints. Who can know them?
Solitary, I do not live, I burn !, and my trail
will be ashes in the gloomy infinity

In vain you fear mother,
In vain you fear mother,
that my wandering through life
has exhausted me, that your son
has forgotten you

In vain you fear mother
How could I forget
the one gave me life without mercy?

Take care on the train.