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Re: Trouble with Being Cioran
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Thank you for your response. Having kids is being reborn in this mental asylum called Earth. Maybe Kerouac is right. I read sometime ago an article by an author called Jesse Bering. He had a meeting with one rabbi, a priest and minister and talked about life after death. He asked the minister about life after death and the minister replied: “Do I believe in life after death?” “Yes. I often find myself finishing a funeral by saying, ‘And we commend so-and-so’s spirit to the God who gave it.’ I don’t make judgments at these funerals.”

Then Bering asked the minister about people who died by suicide. The minister said “I’ve done maybe ten, maybe twelve over the years. I’ve done a few secular funerals, in the sense that there is no evidence of a faith in the person who died. But all their friends who get up and speak and say, ‘I’ll see you later,’ I’ve reflected on this quite often—is it a safety thing? Is it a safety saying, or do they actually believe they’re going to see the person again? I remember this one where there was a kid killed in a car accident … well, he probably killed himself, actually, because it seemed to be a deliberate attempt and fortunately he didn’t take anyone else out with him. But there were about a half a dozen of his buddies who got up and in their own way they all said, ‘Yeah, we will see you again.’

Here in the city there is a phone line to prevent suicides. The line is called in Spanish Emergencias 149. You dial 149 and you talk to a psychologist and volunteers who are students of psychology or social workers. It is under the supervision of Asociación Paraguaya de Prevención del Suicidio. The president of this association, Manuel Zavala, said in 2009 he already saved 600 lives. Saved lives or postponed deaths.

Stay well.