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Re: Trouble with Being Cioran
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Beware of the ladies, you say, well, that is easy to follow. As I am physically repellent and worse financially repellent no lady will come near me. Even so your advice will be taken into account. Temptation is everywhere.

Indeed Paraguay or the U.S. are very far from India. No comparison is possible with the subcontinent. It is a good thing to think about your being or existence. Not many are willing to do that. Too risky. Most think about subsistence and nothing about existence. From what you have written in this blog you easily could have filled ten books.

Yes, love is a farce but millions of men and women love that farce. It is good for business after all. Good for the workforce, for the schools, law and the army and the churches. Churches would be empty if there are no baptisms.

Weddings,later babies, keep the prison going. They system will collapse if there are no weddings. Last week I saw on a Paraguayan TV station nine couples getting married in a row in a Catholic church. All the women in their white dresses and the men in black suits and ties. I suppose I could have been one of them two decades ago. In popular language older men refer to their wives as lapas (limpets in English) or la patrona, (woman boss).

Stay well and once again take care on the train.