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Re: Trouble with Being Cioran
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Thank you for your response. I think you and Hentrich and others in this blog say it all. I have nothing much to add. Karl White, yes, from Say No to Life, wrote deep thoughts and what he did was something few would be willing to cut loose as he said. Like you, Hentrich and a few others, he went against his software, so to speak.
Cioran wrote that “The spermatozoon is the bandit in a pure state.”

I read that in Santiago del Estero, Argentina, a father locked his six-year old son in a freezer because he “behaved badly”. The police there rescued the little boy from the freezer after they received denunciations from the neighborhood. The father was arrested there. In the hospital the little boy was checked by the doctors and they found out that he had injuries of recent beatings. The father was arrested and testified before the prosecutor of the case. The father said that he locked the boy up because he stole money to buy cookies. This event was reported by

Yesterday I also saw on Paraguayan TV that a grandfather (72) was sentenced to six years in prison for raping his four grandchildren, all girls. The mother is in Argentina, like many Paraguayan women, working there. So they have to leave their children under the care of their parents.

Here in my neighborhood I see boys sleeping on the streets. They are window cleaners. Not many car drivers are kind to them.   

I once told an acquaintance that should I ever go to jail for a crime, my parents would have to go with me or at least be called to testify and see how the product of their heat is being punished. You see, in judicial proceedings when someone is sentenced to jail, the court employee starts reading the sentence and says “Juan Pérez” son of “Justo Perez and Juana Pérez” etc,etc. I heard that many do not like to hear their names of their parents being read in court. 

But both my parents passed so they won´t suffer for their son. Death saved them.

I have learned never to underestimate people because even the most peaceful man or woman can react violently. I also learned that I can do ugly things. It is part of our human nature. We all love to kill. This is the reason homo sapiens sapiens is super predator, as you know already. We establish laws to punish killing and yet we dream about it.

Take care.