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Re: Trouble with Being Cioran
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Thank you for sharing these wise words by Cioran. But we, humans, are not wise Only a few like you, Hentrich, Silenus,Ibra and others I do not remember in this blog are wise enough to read Cioran. 

This morning I went to the hospital and in the pediatrics section there are many mothers with their children. I saw a pregnant woman with three children playing with her smartphone waiting for the doctor. Another woman was taking his child with glasses. Others were just waiting too. It is in women´s software to offer their intimate parts to the males´ hungry phhallusses. Years ago I used to go to a **** store in downtown Asunción. I saw the owner giving the price of huge dildos to the couples sometimes. Sex is business. I am sure going to **** stores will be forbidden by law.

Unemployment is increasing and I start seeing female taxi drivers, some of them pregnant, and sometimes bus drivers. I wonder if their children will be able to endure life. As we have mandatory military service for men, for women is the mandatory pregnancy service. The wolves in power need sheep for sacrifice.

I read somewhere that for the Aztecs the women who died giving birth to children for the first time they were equal to the warriors who fell in the field of battle. All of them went to the House of the Sun. When the sun set in the morning the brave warriors celebrated these women until noon came.

As you wrote before:
“After so many wars and so much mayhem the hospitals are still filled every day with the cries of new born babes.Why do the babies cry-is it because they realise the kind of mess they have got themselves into by being born?”

“In the Victorian era the infant mortality rate was exceptionally higher. Before van Gogh was born there had been another Vincent who died when he was just one.van Gogh was taken by his mum to the grave of the other Vincent to pay respects.”

I guess the first Vincent turned out to be the luckier one.”

Take care on the train.