Author Topic: To Herr Hentrich and Senor Raul:Beneath the Threshold of Consciousness  (Read 431 times)

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Herr Holden,
Thank you for your words. I don“t have the capacity to think deeply as you and Hentrich. "To endure being and to endure time", you say. You write the truth but for many a very acid truth.   I wish I could read like you and Hentrich many years ago but I lacked probably brain maturity. Specially maturity to realize that we are, like the title of the movie, in the Matrix.Each day is a battle against existential horror. One of these days I am going to tell those who mock me that I am asexual, from a planet where we have no idea of organized society and above all where money and death hold no terror. Also I am going to tell them I am a slave of a higher order and them a lesser order like microbes. Those who mock me think they are good and that they are doing good for the common good. "Storm of the Century"is a movie I saw many years ago and in one scene a sort of evil wizzard,Andre Linoge(played by Colm Feore) says about the good neighbors to Constable Mike: "The good is an illusion. Little fables folks tell themselves so they can get through their days without screaming too much". Yes,them good people, me bad people. Please take care of yourself. Raśl