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Good afternoon fellow sufferer.  That is how Schopenhauer thought we should address each other rather than Mr. or whatever.

 I agree with you about the conclusion to the Myth of Sisyphus. However I think the rest of the book was more than interesting. Camus suffered with the same malaise we here have. We all do our best to try and figure it out and then deal with it. I think his method worked to a degree for him and I use some of it myself with some success.  That's the most we can hope for. A little bit of relief now and then. Like the aesthetics of Schopenhauer it only works for moments and then back to the torment either conscious or unconscious. Oh aren't we the lucky ones. lol

You have to be tough to be a stoic  proper but I think we can take a bit that we can apply in our weakness and again get some relief. I look under every rock these days. The distress is that bad. I'm also an opiate addict to top it off. Legal due to my medical condition but nonetheless I'm an addict and start to lose with nerve  pain and drug withdrawal if I don't dose at least twice a day. What fun this life is.

Yes Holden I have thought a lot about how we might have come here. I have collected most of the theories and think two or three seem logical enough to be possible. None of them bring comfort. I know where you are going with this as it's one of the theories that makes some sense.  There is no way out? Neichian eternal return? Yes quite possible but I pray not. More to my thinking and yours it seems is that if we are all of one consciousness as long as anyone is suffering we will on some level be there with them. Similar to what you said about shoots.  That's not pretty either. But the fact is we don't know and so the best thing I would think is take any road that is open to me. That only road is suicide as I've looked under all the other rocks to the best of my meager abilities.  If it's the end of everything then what a fine thing that is. If it's not I'm no worse off than I was before. I just reboot or whatever. I don't believe in hell anymore either although due to my upbringing that tormented me for much of my time here.

Due to my illness and my mental state I am 99% certain that if nothing else kills me first like a heart attack or stroke I will take my own life when the pain is more than I can take. Now I walk the razor's edge and like I said if I had more courage I'd do it today. But I don't and I have to live with that cowardice. Too bad that first time didn't work because for some reason I did not hesitate that day. I hope that state of mind will return at the right time. I choose to believe it will and I'll be able to see for myself if something lies beyond this.

 Actually I think something may. There is something strange about the form and content of NDEs that so many have that makes me think something sinister is afoot. In other words you won't find me just going toward the light without taking a look to see what's behind me. It makes absolutely no sense for this world to be so horrible and the next to be all fun and games with a loving god. I have a sneaking suspicion that that tunnel and that light is just the door back to this reality. It's a womb you're looking at and the last place I want to be.

So maybe you like myself are a bit of a coward when it comes to the subject of suicide. It wouldn't surprise me. There are a lot of forces aligned against the act.  Social and biological/psychological. These are hard times dear friend. My wish for you is that you find some relief even just around the edges like I have. I have the affection of two really great dogs and we spend many hours far from humanity in the mountains each day. That helps. Not like it used to, I know too much now but it still does help. Take care friend. One day this has to end and I'm pretty hopeful our personality doesn't go on past this one life. Our essence may but not the guy you know as Ice. I'm certainly glad of that as I'm terribly tired of myself, as a human animal with a twisted mind.