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Re: The Plain Truth
« on: August 14, 2017, 10:43:46 am »

Camus? I have read the Stranger. I kind of liked it.Primarily because Meursault ,outwardly, is like me-I lot of people say that I am way too indifferent.But on the inside...but the inside does not matter to them,does it?

I don't agree with Camus philosophically,there is no salvation to be found in embracing absurdity.Sisyphus can never be imagined to be happy.

The Stoics say go with the flow-if today you get to dine with the kings then dine with the kings,tomorrow if you have to sleep under the bridge then do  that as well smilingly,only desire is not something to be trifled with-once one dines with the kings one is going to find it a lot harder to sleep under the bridge. Asceticism is not a piece of cloth which one can put on and off ,at will.It takes years to get into the groove.

Mr.Iceman,have you ever thought about how we came to be here in the first place? I don't mean the biological process but the metaphysical one.
I suffer everyday in the office.People laugh at me. I too want to blow my brains out,but can "I" be sure that ,that would really,really be the end?

I don't believe in the Christian hell. I am not a Christian,not even a nominal one. I am not afraid of dying(though I don't like pain at all). It would be like hiding from the people,which I do every day,only I'd be hiding forever.  But have you considered the possibility that maybe you and I,we are only the shoots of the true of life,we can chop off the shoots but what if the root remains unaffected?And if that be so, then in time,more shoots would sprout forth..

But Mr.Iceman,there are days,and they are very frequent,when I feel like I won't be able to take it anymore.Only, I don't want to come back again ,ever,in any form or shape.
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