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Thank you for gracing us with your presence, Mr.Icelander.
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I see in you a being who has attained the pinnacle of understanding. Someone who can discern the difference between the "thing-in-itself" and mere appearances-the veil of illusions.It is very,very rare to come across a man like you.

You say you have read Schopenhauer -I'd love to discuss his philosophy and ideas with you. You see,unlike most people of my generation I am not hip enough to be an "app developer" and still prefer to study age-old philosophers like Schopenhauer,Kant and Plato.My folks think I dabble in this "useless" philosophy as I am not bright enough to be one of the top corporate honchos,well,they are free to think what they like.

I have read almost every single word that Schopenhauer ever published. I had to,you see. I gulped down his words like a man dying of thirst in a desert.
I am trying to deliberately model my life after Schopenhauer's(and Herr Hentrich is the one who enabled to imagine that it was a possibility ).

I'm rather proud of my failures in the material realm,for if I had succeeded-heaven forbid- I just might have ended up being foolish enough to hook up with a lady and procreate. No,that route is not for me.Never was.With me  my lineage will end. I am the last one.

When I read your words -a sense of deep calm came over me. Like these posts of yours were preordained somehow.
I have contemplated doing away with myself many,many times since I was about 15.However,comprehending Schopenhauer has altered me a great deal.

I still ,by no means, can say that I have understood the entire thought which Schopenhauer wanted to propound, I am still deeply engrossed in my Schopenhauerian Studies.I might still end up doing way with myself eventually.

There are certain transcendent questions at issue here,which are impossible to approach with the human language. There are times when I literally go insane with pain and suffering.I very often weep alone in my room on Sunday afternoons for the plight and predicament I find myself in.
Schopenhauer speaks to me about an unconditional no to "life in general" and not merely about a conditional no to "life in which suffering is rife ".Want,pain and suffering are not predicates to life,but its synonyms. 

There are profound metaphysical implications of the way one perceives life. I think I am getting a bit vague. Words fail me pretty often. Well,as Schopenhauer says, when one is breathing one's last breath,the Nature asks the dying man" Have you had enough ?",if the man says yes,the will to life turns against itself and denies itself ,but if he says no-he gets to taste the fruit of life again.And again.And again.

My rejection of existence is not because of some a posteriori evidence but because of the a priori conditions of the very possibility of experience of existence. The a posteriori/empirical evidence does help in clarifying the matter quite a bit,no two ways about that.However, you see, it is not that we are poor players-it is that the game itself is deeply flawed at its very core.

The Fruit of Life is Rotten.

Keep well.I look forward to  corresponding with you.

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