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Re: The Plain Truth
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How interesting. Humans can be so different yet turn out the same. As a child in an abusive home I still had great hopes and dreams.  Could that be the stories I was told about life when very small. When I was little my mother gave me a book of fairy tales. I think that had a great effect on me. Many were stories of courage and glory. I think I believed them.

 By the time I was in high school I was getting it from all sides yet still had hope of a different future. It was much later maybe in my 50s that I truly came to despise my life and humanity in total. I always knew how to deal with fear it but now I had lost hope. I've truly caught up to you in my 60s. I think about death every day and crave non existence. I have no faith in any positive creator or afterlife. I want all the way out. I see nothing worth saving in this being called Icelander. I want nothingness. In the end I'll have to leave by my own hand most likely. In fact that seems like the only honorable way to leave this life. I won't be able to take this physical and mental pain forever. At least that's my hope. Unfortunately we have a built in survival drive that must be overcome. Suicide takes great courage for most. No matter what the ignorant say about it.