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Re: The Losers Club
« on: April 16, 2017, 03:56:36 pm »
Herr Holden,
Thank you for your words. I am sure your writing talents are not regarded properly in your workplace and outside.
"Could you imagine a wife putting up with a man whose only goal for the year was to get through a couple math textbooks?  And for the next decade?  More of the same."
Well, Holden, I think women are strange creatures. Maybe there are ladies who will put up with a man with only goal. After all there are women who endure humiiations and beatings from their husbands for a whole lifetime.
You are a Schopenhuarian priest and you use his words like the priest uses holy water to cast out the demons from a possessed person. This Gary you mention is Gary Inmendham. I only read about him what Hentrich wrote about him. Efilism and anti-natalism are synonyms? Forgive my ignorance.

You stay away from gourmet food and embrace sexual abstinence both in body and in the mind. You remind me of those hermits in the desert enduring all kinds fo hardship in order to attain the union with the divinity or the penitents who during the Black Death in Europe between 1348 and 1352 went through the villages chanting and flogging themselves until they bleed. 

"I mean,if someone wants to kill me, I would just stand still so that they could stab me properly & then ,if I have truly denied my will,I would be gone for good.But the murderer would stick around the world-and well know what that means. I pity my would-be murderers."

I take it that you have experience physical violenced sometime your life. Not many will turn the other cheek when physically attacked. Although we suffer violence in the mind too; not many react against the attackers. Take care. Raśl