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Quote from: Raul
Sorry, I "kant" say anything about Kant. But let me say this world we live in, us humans, is a “giant gutter”. If there is a Creator of this universe, this creator is son of a **** and clearly this entity enjoys every second of torture it inflicts.

I kant say much about Kant's writings either.  The only things that really stick with me are that his phenemena are Schopenhauers representations and his noumena, the things-in-themselves, are Schopenhauer's Wills.

Sometimes when reading Kant, I get the feeling that I am crashing a party I was never invited to.

I don't think we have to concern ourselves with a creator god enjoying the misery of the created creatures.  If anything, the universe is just a brute fact and evolution is a process that just is.

In plain language, there are things that are just beyond our comprehension.  Even Kant had to violate his own rules.  I mean, in order to set the limits of reason, he had to go beyond those limits.

Man is a wild animal, and men feel this need to explain everything like boys whistling in the dark.

I have always thought of myself as having a sense of humor, but a true sense of humor would allow me to find our situation kind of comical.  As you know, there is nothing funny about it. 

Cioran said that one has to be a monster to be able to see reality as it is.

We are always with ourselves, so we know how unpleasant our nature can become when we are groggy (sleepy) or hungry or tired or just irritable. 

The universe is indifferent to our discomforts and our anxieties.  We are the universe itself, we are things-in-themselves.   

Quote from: Raul
I think the entire universe should cease to exist.

I really think that this is the core message of Schopenhauer's philosophy.  While many will argue about the technical details, the way I see it, since we are manifestations of the will to live, the thing-in-itself of the universe, and each of us is the center of this universe (from our perspective), as we grow tired of "being ourselves," the will is learning not to want to exist.

So, there is not really a Creator to blame, for it (the universe) exists as us, so when you say you think the entire universe should cease to exist, maybe you are the entire universe just very tired of itself.  If you look at it this way, we are the same "thing" feeling the same way.

In fact, there are many who feel this way, maybe not consciously, but during the night in their slep, or the moment they gain consciousness from sleep.

We begin to sense a mild hatred for everyone around us, including ourselves.  This is the misery and wretchedness that many people are ashamed to admit ever feeling.  Because of the shame associated with these feelings, self-deception and delusion run rampant.  It may be true to say that life depends on us not being aware of how we really feel about being alive. 

Schopenhauer said that life depends on us not knowing it too well.

This means that life depends on not knowing itself too well.

But we are Life, and we have been discussing how we really feel about it.

This is a kind of higher consciousness communicating with itself.  We do not need to lie to each other.  We're just having a long (nearly private) conversation, comparing notes, seeing if what we feel sounds crazy or not.   

Take care, Raul, and thanks for continuing to verbalize your unpopular thoughts here.

You observe the daddies taking their sons to the soccer games.  It's a bunch of hype over nothing.  What a bunch of monkeys human beings are in large groups like that.

I much prefer interacting with human beings on the level that you, Holden, and I (and a couple others) do here.

By the way, when someone shares something here, it does color my daily life.   All day I wanted to respond to every request with "I would prefer not to."  (Thanks Maughan)

I want to become weirder and weirder.  I think that studying math every day will help me become more and more weird, as far as not being anything like those daddies taking their sons to soccer, footbal, basketball games.  I like being this outsider.

Life itself is strange and weird and, yes, even creepy.

Sometimes I am in such a foul mood that I suspect I too am evil, but so what if I were.  When I was a child experiencing a nightmare-dream which involved an evil demonic anhtropomorphic monster, I would actually attempt to befriend the Thing.  I thought that were I able to become as evil as it, this would protect me. 

I have heard that some people are too good for this world.  They are not evil enough to face another day.

I ate my eggs today.   I ate hot dogs with German sour Kraut on wheat bread.  Then, for dinner I ate a zucchini from the garden which I made spiggeti out of with sauce made from the tomatoes.  I drank espresso throughout the day, and I repressed the rage within me so I would not be too mean to my mother when she began to weigh on my nerves.

Why do I tell you this?  You did not ask.   Well, I want to show you that even though I am trying to read the translations of Kant, I only do this for about an hour each night, so I do not intend to make great progress.  When I am able to find a calm state of mind, I lay on the floor and solve a handful of math problems as I am committed to getting through a couple textbooks before the end of the year.

Such books become like a drug for me.  I feel fortunate that I am able to do something so forbidden as studying math instead of looking for a job.  Most people in my situation either struggle with drug and alcohol dependency daily, or they are trapped in some kind of "day program" [read: DAY JAIL] where fully grown adults are treated like kindergarten students - very humilating and denigrating. 

This is it for me:  math is my drug of choice.  It's what I do to isolate from mass society, and I don't have to pay any dealer or the Buddha at the liquor store.  Don't get me wrong, I used to love my weed medicine man as well as the Buddha at the liquor store, but, don't you see that I now have access to my drugs (math texts and solution manuals) as long as I stay out of jail, refrain from being seduced into gainful employment, continue to live as a celibate godless monk, and stubbornly refuse to fit into society?

I don't mind being a weirdo.  It gives me the opportunity to listen to someone like you who states frankly that you wish the universe would cease to exist.  If only more people would give some attention to such forbidden thoughts (within themselves), we might raise the level of consciousness and empathy on this planet.

The rich man is not immune to these feelings either.  There must be countless who have attained postions of wealth and power who are tasting misery and wretchedness to the dregs.  They can afford to feed their brains as much coc-aine as they wish.  You know where that will lead?   They can play with the fire, the primordial thing that they are toying with cannot be satisfied.  The more they feed it, the more it will want.

Be wise, be weird.  It is very likely that far more people feel the way we do than we can imagine, but they may have already brought offspring into this world for whatever reason, maybe for no reason at all.  Now, they feel that getting through life is just a problem their offspring will have to deal with, and they are right.  By "right" I do not mean they are justified, I simply mean that, yes, now their offspring have to deal with the burden their own existence will become to them.

At least you are able to wrap your mind around the situation with a grin.  You see through the farce and you are nobody's fool.

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