Author Topic: The Dark Side (a profound concentration of negativity)  (Read 2260 times)

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Sorry, I "kant" say anything about Kant. But let me say this world we live in, us humans, is a “giant gutter”. If there is a Creator of this universe, this creator is son of a **** and clearly this entity enjoys every second of torture it inflicts. Does the entity respect the so called freedom of its creatures? Is this entity moved by suffering? No, it throws them to this landfill. I heard that we are both male and female. So the separation of sexes is artificial. The most beautiful woman is a man in disguise. Men have ****. Do men breast feed?   Two sexes are better than one. While one sex spends the time breeding and taking care of the new little slaves, the other can work in agriculture, brick laying or whatever. Only one sex is not enough to  look after the babies, or working. Two sexes are needed for the human farm. Exploitation to the maximum.
Even if there are no humans, only animals on the planet, animals also behave horribly. Much blood is shed. 
But we accept it, we breed, we do not care about the weakest and as long bad things do not happen to me, everything is all right. And when bad things happen to us, there we react showing our fake compassion. We lack empathy. We follow our programming. We resemble our bloodthirsty creators. Who can guarantee that we are bio machines?
Most look for a mate, pay taxes, go and vote, and when Christmas comes, they will have a big dinner and get drunk at New Year´s Day. On January 6th, the parents will go and get presents for the children. It is everyday programming. On Sunday guys go to the stadium for soccer. Everything programmed. Only a few realize this. A perfect programming for farm animals.  Automatons.

Well, you have two choices: one you become a lamb or you become a predator. If you are a lamb, you survive by being humiliated, mocked, ridiculed and damaged. If you are a predator you stomp on the face of others, you kill in order to survive, and of course in due time other predators will come and get you.
I think the entire universe should cease to exist.
Drive safely.