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I want to try the experiment whether one can be perfectly frank, even with oneself, and not take fright at the whole truth

He [man] is fond of striving toward achievement, but not so very fond of the achievement itself, and this is, naturally, terribly funny.  In short, man is constructed comically; there is evidently some joke in all this.

~ Notes from Underground - Fyodor Dostoevski

If God were suddenly condemned to live the life which he has inflicted on men, He would kill Himself. ~ Alexandre Dumas

Taken as a whole, the universe is absurd. ~ Walter Savage Landor

The idea of giving birth to someone fills me with horror.  I'd curse myself if I became a father.  A son of my own!  Oh, no, no, no!  Let my flesh perish with me, and let me not transmit to anyone the boredom and the ignominiousness of life.

The hypothesis of absolute void contains nothing at all which terrifies me.  I am ready to fling myself into the great black hole with perfect calm.

~ Correspondence - Gustave Flaubert

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Things They Will Never Tell YouArthur Schopenhauer has been the most radical and defiant of all troublemakers.

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