Author Topic: The Dark Side (a profound concentration of negativity)  (Read 2260 times)

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Senor Raul,
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing back to me.You see ,most of the anti natalist blogs are dead.Mr Karl does not write anything neither does Metamorph.Liggoti also is silent.Mr Gary still speaks but I am really worried about him as he is getting so very thin and he smokes all the time.

This philosophy is the most important thing in my life.You speak of eternalism.Do you mean we could be destined to repeat out lives continually?I am very much afarid of it.What if Schopenhauer in some manner had to take birth again?

I know that most people will just laugh at us-but I dont care.
Gary after all has devoted thousands of hours urging people to think about it.

Should I try to write stories like Lovecraft and Liggoti?I am not saying I would be a good writer like them,maybe I would just write for the likes of us&post them here?

I am terribly sad.I literally weep all the time.
La Tristesse Durera Toujours                                  (The Sadness Lasts Forever ...)
-van Gogh.