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« on: April 29, 2020, 04:31:35 pm »

Bottomless pit, You are called
Stomach does not lie
Lying requires words
Someone said I would one day
Eat words

But words do not nourish the animal body.
I think of Ikkyu
He liked drinking wine
And sniffing cooters

When did this cooter-sniffer lose interest?
The head on neck decided that ...
It found itself trapped in this process
And just wanted it all to end

Even ending this process is a process
I am in this process of being ended now
So, no more wine
No more sniffing cooters
Soon, no more words
Just pancakes ... and peanut butter
Lentils and beans
And Sacred Cow butchered
To feed angry stomach

The head wants to resign
The sexual appetite has left the building
The last holdout is Stomach
It is a worm
Man does not exist

To be a worm who sees that
Man is an idea
The worminess of all hominids is revealed
A great anger rises from the gut,
From the heart:  what great lies!

Maybe human beings
Are just lying machines
There is this Demonic Presence
Within me ... I know this is what Hesse
Called Der Steppenwolf -
I am this Thing!

Destined to rot and decay
We know not what we are
We cannot know what we are
For we are nothing
And, it is impossible to know nothing
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