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Schopenhauer writes:
In the hour of death,the decision is made whether a man falls back to the womb of nature ,or else no longer belongs to her but we lack imagination ,concept and word for this opposite ,just because all these are taken from the objectification of the will.However,the death of the individual is in each case the unweariedly repeated question of nature to the will-to-live:"Have you had enough?Do you wish to escape from me"?

I know that you sometimes think that you are Schopenhauer redux.That because you have similar philosophy and ,because you are suffering,Schopenhauer (his "will-to-live") is also still suffering.
Have you ever considered the possibility that while your "will-to-live"& that of Schopenhauer's may be of similar grade,they may not be the same? That Schopenhauer,when he died said he has had ENOUGH! and that he has escape nature and that your "will -to-live", followed by Gary's,Karl's and mine are also walking down the same path ,the path which the Buddha's "will-to-live" once trod?
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