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Laziness and Apathy
« on: August 11, 2015, 09:39:13 pm »
Sometimes I tire of turning on a computer.  Just because I invested in a machine does not mean I must use it constantly.  Now I have so many books to look into, I sometimes lose enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm and gumption are crucial.  I recall Cioran writing somewhere that some days the best one can do is lay down and grown.

Today I did not even feel like eating and I had lost interest in everything I had been investigating.  I guess I faced the abyss.  All I was able to do is stare into space.

The thing about these moods is that I do not fight them.  I can imagine how one feels who has lost the will to fight.  There is a definite nausea and weakness in the legs.

In times like that I try to write about my disinterest, and I realize that it is best to write for ourselves.  We don't have colleagues.

Sometimes all we can do is nothing.
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