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Re: On Augustine(To Senor Raul)
« on: September 26, 2018, 01:50:44 am »
Senor Raul,

Thank you for your response.Most people have no idea what they are talking about-absolutely no idea. They  vomit just pure baloney. They have no  idea whatsoever  how weird this  existence really is. They  just want a wife, a job and a couple of brats. They want to  show off how  "smart they are",but  really many,many animals  are far more  intelligent.

The point is we do not really need any  drugs or mind  altering substances  -as it  is -the  world is very,very strange.Baby after baby after baby, like on  an  assembly line. If  all women have been liberated  how come they  don't say no  to  having  more babies? Of  course  not, when it comes to baby making we  are all  good  old  cave dwellers.

Like  cave dwellers we hit each other  on the head with our heavy clubs all  the time. We are beasts.  No two ways about that.  We are  hungry beasts. I  do not know that the  point of all this "development" & "growth" is.

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