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Re: On Augustine(To Senor Raul)
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Once again, thank you for your comments and the link. I think you also are a poet like the Syrian Abu Ala Al Ma-arri. 
Yes, life is a very bad dream. Nothing more needs to be added to your lines. But just let me once more quote these words: “For you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” wrote the Bible author. These words are enough to curse this entire creation. My mind tortures me but I cannot escape. I am a prisoner.

But lust is powerful. Only a few resist the temptation of carnal desires. Many have very high IQs and yet they do not see the madness of this prison. But, we, human beings, strive for immortality. However I suppose mankind will cease to exist and nothing we did, nothing we do and nothing we will do matters.

We, human beings, are murderous creatures. Demonic beings, that is what we are. Earth is a vile world. I once read that the famous Ed Gein, a serial killer, in the U.S. made human skin gloves. Life is wonderful.

Sometimes I do think that Hentrich, you and others, a few, find this existence very painful. It is difficult to feel sorrow for humanity. As I often said we are in a laboratory, or a farm, or a zoo. Probably Earth is all of them.

I do not put the blame on the elites who run this slaughterhouse. After all that is their mission. It is the people who keep this meat-processing plant going.

Stay well.