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Re: On Augustine(To Senor Raul)
« on: September 24, 2018, 06:47:54 pm »
Senor Raul,

Life is a bad dream. Most people  find it very difficult to relate to the difficulties  of  the others.This  is a  world of  shifting sand. Most live  for an orgasm. Orgasm is   their  God. Something exists  rather   than nothing. But that  should be  so is  a  question that is   endlessly fascinating. The something which exists is the cause of all our  pain  and all our agony. The  hospitals here are  full  of  patients  dying   a  painful  death.

Who wants  to  go   to   the hospitals to  see  what   the life really is like ? Nobody.They  want to  go  to the  bordello instead.  Also,even the people who  work in the hospitals,I  mean the nurses  and doctors, they  grow callous over  time. Man is an  animal  that  can get used to  any  kind of  hell .Misfortune is not the exception, it is  the general  rule of life.

Existence  is a puzzle. As  you know, over here in India, a lot  of folks  believe in the reincarnation theory. Even if I  was not"Holden" but  someone else,  it   makes  very little difference.So long as   one is sentient ,there will be endless misery.  What I'd really like to be is  a  rock. I would just be there . I am  sick  and tired of endless  becoming and wish  to  just  "be".Of course, you and I  are not the only ones who find existence painful.
One death occurs every 40 seconds due  to suicide. People vote with their feet. The difference  is that  you  and I,  we  describe  the  misery of  our existence,  of Existence  itself.Most people try to hide it. They like to put on a show. They like to pretend that they are having a  jolly good time.They like to act  tough.  Well,  life  knows  how to break even the  strongest amongst us. The  only reason I  am still around is only  because life has  not turned its full wrath over  me yet. Once it does,  when it  does, it is  most difficult to resist the call of the void. But really, there is no  void in nature. No  hiding place. I repeat, there  is no  hiding place.

Keep well.
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