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Re: On Augustine(To Senor Raul)
« on: September 23, 2018, 08:29:23 pm »

We are all on the same boat. We are all going to die. In fact we die every day. We try to ignore this sad fact of life every day because ignorance equals to happiness, well, at least for some time. Ignorance does not save anyone. The so-called freedom is not free.

Yes, Holden, you are an anomaly in the system. But let me thank the gods, so to speak, for your being an anomaly in the system. And no revolution can change the profound misery of our human existence in this meat–processing plant called Earth. The malevolent entities in charge of this prison farm will never allow a revolt. But a revolt is no longer necessary because most congratulate themselves for being the perfect slaves. So the elites that run this madhouse should not worry anymore.

Pills to reduce the sexual prowess? No, that is bad for business. Also the farm will not get fat.The whole planet is a giant killing field where every human creature is sacrificed endlessly. To those in the shadows human puppets are expendable and disposable. It is so easy and so cheap to give birth to babies. As you say the flesh is corrupt and the spirit is weak.

We put the blame on the dictators, tyrants and despots. But as I understand we all are despots and tyrants in some way. We just donīt have the chance to exercise the power over our fellow human beings.

Stay safe.