Author Topic: Mitchell Heisman's Note Ignored?  (Read 828 times)

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Re: Mitchell Heisman's Note Ignored?
« on: June 29, 2014, 01:10:27 pm »
I am not depressed, the world is depressing.

Beautiful.  We can try to interpret Heisman to the walking dead ... Heisman For Drunks.

Just a slight shift in the grammar makes all the difference.  The world is depressing.  The Jung family didn't want the public to see his private diaries in which he said basically just that:  one would have to be a sociopath not to be depressed by this world. 

Sister Mary Cupcake says, "Think positive.  It gets better."

No Sister, the worst is yet to come.  Remember that.  Wake up Sister.

Even though it makes so much sense, believe it or not, Heisman is the first person I have heard this theory from, that the Nazarene's mother was raped by a Roman Soldier.  It makes sense to me.

Life is gross.  I think I will be using that line now.  Life is disgusting.  We are all tubes filled with excrement, not "spiritual beings having a physical experience."

It is an antidote to the statements one hears, like "Life is a miracle".   

The utopian technological dreaming that would have us bioengineer our way into a new more perfected nature (or would have us download human consciousness into better hardware), like the new age wish to spiritually transcend the physical plane entirely, seems calculated to help us hide from the wildness (grossness) of earthly existence.

I am wondering what the section "God is technology" is about ...

I so much prefer reading from books as opposed to off a computer monitor, which is why this is slow going.  When and if I finally get into another apartment, I think I will set the monitor up high enough so that I can read it standing up ... read a paragraph and pace around thinking about it or read comments about it into a recorder.  I don't really know what it is about this document, but I can sense that it is unique.

What is "the Devil" anyway but some symbol for all that about ourselves we refuse to acknowledge about ourselves?  Man created the Devil in his own image.

**** is an act of war, a war against dignity and self-respect. 

Daddy was a soldier.  Daddy raped mama.  Therefor daddy is YHWH.  WTF?

There is definitely something fishy in Bethlehem.
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